Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fahrenheit~...Wu Chun...Awesome!!!!!

2007 完美中秋之夜演唱会
Date:24 Sept 2007
Venue:Bukit Jalil National Stadium

Haha...u guys might think that I'm insane rite?? Yaya...I am...hehe!! Itz only because I'm having my holidays...thatz why I could do this kind of 'thing'. I got 2 tickets for this concert...went down all the way from Penang to KL just to watch this concert...what a waste of money huh!! This is the 1st time that Fahrenheit is here together in M'sia to perform and the best thing is...Wu Chun was here as well!! I've really enjoyed myself during the was great!! :)

I've got a video for Fahrenheit's performance but itz not very clear...check it out here:

Wednesday, September 19, 2007 a 'tour guide'..??

Penang Trip, 14-17 September 2007

Yo…I’m back!!! Wow…seems so long since I last updated my blog! The reason….watelse other than preparing for my EXAMS :(….

Even though it’s only 3 subjects, but it’s not like diploma anymore…everything’s getting tougher (for me). But it feels good that it’s finally over and I’m now enjoying my 3 weeks’ sem break…Yeah!! :)

I’ve been spending my first few days of my holidays as a ‘tour guide’…coz I came back to Penang on Thursday with 3 of my classmates from Sabah…Renee, Kim & Tse Yeing. The moment we stepped down from the bus, it was raining quite heavily and 4 of us had only 1 umbrella…too bad!! What a ‘good’ start for this Pg trip…haha!!

14 September 2007:
9.30am: We started our journey by crossing the Penang Bridge…and…bad luck again…we were stucked in a jam for 1 hour!! :(

Penang Bridge - Construction In Progress

1.00pm: After lunch, I took them to Kwang Hua Press to meet the ‘988开心车队’. Haha…it was definitely my idea and they just followed! We played some games and won some freebies…3 of them just stood aside at first but Kim was picked by the crew to play so they just joined in…hehe!! We also met DJ Mike who was driving the taxi in conjunction with the ‘搭上988的士’. Haha… I’m like nuts huh!! Never mind larr…these little things does bring me some surprises and happiness…that’s what matters most!

DJ Mike 家艺

2.30pm: We went to Kek Lok Si…just look look see see lol…nothing much there. It started raining ‘again’ after that. :(
3.30pm: Air Itam Dam…still raining…

I wanted to bring them to Penang Hill but the weather was really bad so we ended up at Prangin Mall…coz itz indoor. We went to New Lane for dinner and had a sumptuous dinner…but we forgot to take a picture until we finish eating…aargh!!!

15 September 2007:
11.00am: It’s raining again today. :( Our 1st destination was Youth Park…then Botanical Garden (didn’t go in coz raining).

Youth Park

12.30pm: After that, I took them to Batu Ferringhi…there wasn’t many people on the beach because of the Tsunami warning these few days…

Batu Feringghi

Amber Chia & Steve Yap - 俊男美女

Me & Alan Yun on stage

7.00pm: I got the tickets for a music party at Queensbay so I went for it. The artists who were there were…曹格,侧田,林宇中,金莎,动力火车,陈柏宇….. The concert was great but it was such a waste coz it was raining for the whole night… 3 of them went in to Queensbay Mall for window shopping coz Kim was sick.

16 September 2007:
It is still raining today…3 days consecutively…that’s really rare coz it seldom rains like this in Penang… So we didn’t go anywhere except bringing them to buy some biscuits.

17 September 2007:
Itz the end of our Penang trip and I admit...I’m quite a lousy ‘tour guide’ coz we didn’t managed to go to quite some tourist attractions…partly because of the RAIN!!
But we did manage to taste quite a lot of Penang Food and also ‘see some celebrities’…haha!! :)