Friday, February 26, 2010


Was 'busy' watching this show last few days...finished all 28 episodes within 3 days...whoops! This is one thing bad about watching dramas...once I start I can't stop. :p That's why I have to be 'selective' in choosing which to watch...haha! Obviously, I was attracted to this show mainly bcoz of JerryYan & Ella...the storyline was secondary. JerryYan is one of my favorite artists, been following his dramas since meteor garden...the recent ones like HotShot and Starlit are pretty nice too. =) Anyway, 'Down With Love' is also a romantic comedy...quite nice and sweet...the most important thing for me is still the 'em! =) These kinda shows are usually for ppl to nice would it be if 'fairytale' like this can happen in real life...haha! =)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

CNY Break-ing to The Fullest

Yoohoo...I'm back with more updates on CNY break!!'s not so much a break actually...guess I was even busier hanging out with family and friends. But it was a good break indeed...not much studies done as planned but totally enjoyed celebrating CNY back home with loads of activities!! Came back to KL last started...and finally having internet connection back in my apartment...thanks to brilliant mom and big bro!! =) Quick recap of my activities after my previous cny updates.

18 Feb 2010 (Thurs): LiYin's FashionTECTURE Launch Party
LiYin invited us to her house for her launching party...she's selling clothes online so this was sort of a launching for her new online biz. The name FashionTecture came about coz she loves fashion and studied architecture...I guess...hehe! So what did we do...erm...took loads of photos, chat, ate, played cards, and had 'photo-editing tutorial'. Glad to see her pursuing her interest and getting support of friends and family...all the best to her! :)

With the host...and what was bro and SK looking at? (photos courtesy of LiYin)

20 Feb 2010 (Sat): Chinese New Year Luncheon at CRC
We've been attending CRC's CNY celebration for years but this was the first time they changed it to indoor and had a buffet lunch. We were lucky to get the 'vip' table coz we arrived late...haha! Had lotsa food (pretty obvious from the amount of plates on our table), watched some performances, and won 2 hampers from the lucky draw...we've got some luck!! =)

20 Feb 2010 (Sat): Family Dinner at Double Good Restaurant
Bro decided to give us a treat coz he was loaded with some money from scholarship. CNY is really a fattening festive juz seems like we're feasting all the time!!! :p Big bro also bought 'YuSang' from Sakae's so goooood!! 'Lou'-ed YuSang for the 3rd time...too many this year. Food were great...even better enjoying with the whole family. :) Thanks to big bro and bro!

20 Feb 2010 (Sat): Primary School Gathering's been 10 years since we graduated from primary school!! It's cool coz we still keep in touch after so many years. Thanks to LiLynn for organizing this gathering at her was nice seeing all the old friends again. =) Just amazing how time flies!! Hope we can still keep in touch for more 10 years to come. :)

Hahaha...those good old days...thanks to ChinLin for sharing these antique pics on fb. :)

My AngPaos this year...all going into the bank! :)

Our new HP Mini netbook...very it! =) Mom's the pro of this for free with streamyx...good deal!

21 Feb 2010 (Sun): 'Superman' Gathering
Ms Geh invited us over to her new house for dinner...our 2nd 'superman' gathering before classes start. =) Had spaghetti and nuggets...yummy! The kids were in the house so we all became babysitters...had a good workout playing with 'em...haha!!

Bro was Belle, Jon, and Ian's play buddy

22 Feb 2010 (Mon): Dinner at TGIF
I wasn't looking forward to this day at all...serious Monday blues...especially after having so much fun during the 2 weeks' break. Such 'good' timing ACCA chose to release the freakin' nerve-wracking!!! I didn't wanna put any expectations on my results to avoid ACCA is very unpredictable...anything can happen. Results were released online at 1pm and we had group presentation for moral at 1.30pm. I refused to check my results coz I was afraid it's gonna spoil my mood for the entire day. Josh and Shalinni checked theirs before class and came into class super 'high' coz they passed all 3...made us even more nervous. Big bro also called to ask if I've checked...told him I ain't checking yet coz very scared. Finally checked my email after class...opening that email was so scary...thank god I passed all 3 papers! I was very happy and relieved but couldn't really feel the happiness anymore mayb coz i've been nervous for too long...haha! :p Very happy coz all 4 of us cleared all 3 papers...means 2 more to go in June! Thanks to all the lecturers and tutors for their guidance...and my family for the support! =)

Gave ourselves a dinner treat after class...I was bloated...haha! :p

Friday, February 19, 2010

Hidden Treasures of Penang

Went to 3 places for photo shooting with SongKeat, LiYin, and bro. SK is the pro...with a lot of pro gadgets...bro was the assistant (lightman+carry bags)...LY & I were the poser...hehe! :p First stop was the abandoned school...the place look a lil' creepy but the photos turned out quite well. Next to this school was a christian cemetery so we went over to take some photos as well. It was my first time visiting this place and I just found out that it's actually a historical site. We also went to Tanjung Bungah beach to get some sunset pics but too bad the sun set into the mountains. There quite a lot of interesting places here in Penang...but too bad...I don't think many locals know how to appreciate these.

These are only some of the pics from my camera...will share the other 'pro' pics later on...stay tuned...hehe! :p


Woke up early to go back to high school for school band gathering. Haven't been back here for quite some time...everything still looks familiar. Glad to see lotsa familiar faces as well...some of 'em I haven't met since I graduated 5 years ago. Had an extra program for this year's gathering -alumni orchestra...gosh...almost forgotten how to play the horn already! But well...who's just for the fun...hehe! ;)

Jit Sin Philharmonic Orchestra Alumni CNY Reunion 2010

Photos courtesy of Jared

Thanks to 2nd aunt & uncle for giving us this lunch treat...yummylicious 8-course first 'YuSang' for this CNY. As usual, there's always laughters whenever the 4 sisters get together.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


2nd day of CNY is usually the most tiring day for us coz we'll spend the whole day 'house-hopping' visiting dad's aunts & uncles. This time around, I think we broke our own 'house-hopping marathon' record...hehe...8 relatives' houses in a day...pretty good achievement! Plus...the weather was so freakin' hotttt these few days!!

Basically, we do the same thing in every, drink, talk, and get angpao. I even lost count of the number of Yeo's drinks I've had in a day...hehe!! The adults are the ones who did most of the talking and it's great coz my aunts are humourous...lotsa laughters & noises...but I love the atmosphere! =)

Watched a family gathering video at 五姨婆‘s house...very funny. =)

四姨婆's house...another round of a magic show.

三姨婆's house...camwhoring...haha!! :p


Our custom on the first day of CNY is to visit our eldest aunt, then dad's sisters and their family will come over to our house. This is the time to meet up with our paternal cousins while the adults will be busy chatting...I'm very impressed with their talking skills...they can just go on and on with never-ending topics!

Lunch at 姑妈 house

Cousins + Dad & 4 Sisters photo again!! We do this same thing every year...just that we turn older year after year.

Steamboat grandaunt's house

Maternal cousins + Grandma

Went for a bicycle ride around our residential area & took some pics of nice houses

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Night Before CNY...Reunion Dinner

Happy Chinese New Year...恭喜发财!! Didn't get to celebrate CNY back home last year, so was definitely looking forward to it this year. Being away last year made me appreciate this festive season even more coz it's the time of the year for the whole family to get together again. Even though CNY may not be as traditional as it used to be, what matters most is that it reminds us to remember our roots and gives us the opportunity to spend time with friends and family. =) 

One of the must-do's on the night of CNY eve...also called 'Sa Chap Meh' is the reunion dinner...where all the family members come together for dinner. As usual, aunt's family came back from Kuantan and joint us for steamboat dinner. 

CNY mood in the malls...'red red' deco & lion dance

The ladies behind-the-scene

The dishes

Thanks bro for taking these pics...and whoops...I forgot to take one for him. :p

Of course we can't miss taking a family photo! =) 

Yammm Senggggg~~!!

'Good exercise' after a sumptuous meal

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Big Bro's R.O.M.

This family event took place back in Nov 29...big bro's big day...Registration of Marriage...woohoo!! He 'prohibited' us from posting any pics or updates on fb or our blogs earlier on coz this was supposed to be a 'private' event. This 'restraining order' has been removed...i time for me to share some pics here...hehe! :p Bro had some more 'pro' pics that he took with the DSLR but I don't have 'em with me so these are just some from my camera.

Bro & I was the camera man & woman for the day...2 cameras & 1 video cam.

The happy couple...sweeeet! =)

Congratulations to my 'kor kor' and 'dai sou'!!

Yay...time for a group pic!!

Photo session with the stars for the day!

Loveee this family pic!!

The Tang's siblings

Stay sweet forever!!! =)

First half of final semester

Yeahh...I'm back in Penang! Having a 2 weeks' break for Chinese New Year. It's good to be home after 7 weeks! Flew back yesterday for only RM9...pretty good journey...met an Australian lady on the skybus and talked all the way. It's always nice meeting people from other places...seeing our country from their'll be surprised how much people know about our country...perhaps even more than ourselves. It's a good reminder not to take things for granted...we tend to overlook things that we've always had around us.

The past 7 weeks had been pretty uneventful, guess it's pretty obvious from my previous posts...nothing much to blog new pictures...only some old pics. Been busy with studies, assignments, and tests. Few more weeks to go and I'll be done with school...time's flying fast!

Was internet-less in KL last week coz my dear housemate cancelled our streamyx when he moved home... means no more internet for don't know how long! Gosh...felt so handicapped without bro became my 'google' and email reader....haha! Can't believe I actually survived being 'disconnected' from all my entertainment and the 'world'!!

Glad that 3 of my housemates moved out...woohoo!! It's good that the slobs are finally out of the have no idea how they turned the house into a disaster zone. I had a good time clearing the living room and throwing all the junk's tough job but I don't mind...gimme back a clean house!

Should be pretty busy for the 2nd half of the semester, participating in the UM Case Study Challenge and MMU Intervarsity Accounting Quiz. More assignments coming...then finals...arghh!!

More updates coming soon...I hope...hehe!! Some pics of what I've been up to...

My groupmates...discussion for assignments...'schooling'

First 'Superman' reunion...haha!! Played captain ball then Yong Tau Fu at PJ. Bro and Jonathan was pulled into this super family. Can't stop taking pics of our "S"es...haha! :p