Monday, August 23, 2010

23rd Birthday!

Aug 17 (Tues): Assignment crunch time these few weeks...kinda stressed out. =.= But at least still managed to squeeze some time out to celebrate birthday here...thanks to my flatmates. :p I'm pretty lucky coz got to celebrate my 21st, 22nd, and 23rd birthday in 3 different countries...but what matters most was still the company. Would be great if I can have family and friends celebrating together all at once though. :p

Went out for lunch with my flatmates one day before my birthday...wanted to get out coz we were all too bored sitting in the dorm.

My dear flatmates gave me a treat...thanks guys!! :)

Sharon made me potato nice of her! :) My flatmates bought me a cake too! :)

Flat 51 hangout session :p

My super early birthday present from daddy before coming very cool phone...haha!! Thanks daddy!! :p

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Weekend in Cardiff - Day 3

Aug 9 (Mon): Last day in Cardiff
Finally...last post to wrap up my Cardiff & Bath trip. Spent our last day walking around the city ourselves. Denise reminded us not to get on the 'valley' bus and we really got on one...dumb dumb us. =.= But at least we still managed to find our way! :p And 'lucky' us, it was raining all day so was a lil' blue skies for all the pics coz it was gloomy.

Cardiff Millennium crazy face expression in the jump shot. :p

Cardiff Castle

Went on the castle tour and was given an audio guide...was too busy taking pics so didn't really bother to listen to all the explanations...whoops! :p

Walking around the Wartime Tunnels...looks eerie huh! :p

Garden behind the castles...took these from the castle windows.

The Norman only I know the name of this round thing coz I'm looking at the brochure. :p

Walking along the Battlement's like a walkway around the 'top floor' of the castle. (omg what a lousy description =.=)

More pictures of the surroundings of the castle from the Battlement Walk

Whoops...again! :p Looks like I'm hanging down from the tree with 3 strings attached to my legs and!

Visited the Castle Apartments. Don't rmb the name of this room...something Arab I think.

The Banqueting Hall...nice Victorian style design. :)

The Library

Outside the Castle Apartments

Front view of the Norman Keep...jump shots again...yea I know I'm crazy. :p

Going up the Norman Keep

View from the first floor

Climbing up these stairs...luckily it wasn't high.

View from the top floor

The miserable rainy cold!

Few more pictures before we left the castle.

End of holiday...time to get back to work. :( Byebye's been a great weekend!! Thanks to uncle Hoe and Denise again for such a lovely weekend...really appreciate it!! :) Cya'll back in M'sia!!

Sunset along our journey

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Weekend in Bath - Day 2

Aug 8 (Sun): Sun-bathe in Bath
We were planning to make a day trip to Bath by ourselves but uncle was so nice to offer to bring us there. :) I've heard about Bath from my friends and saw some nice pics, so I reckon this is another place in England that should be worth visiting. After all, it's one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Indeed it was a very nice city...very much different from the other cities in UK. Enjoy the pics! :)

Traveled across Severn Bridge (looks like Penang bridge) from Wales to England...Bristol & Bath is in England...that's why there was the signboard 'Welcome to England'.

Entering the city of Bath, Somerset...see how different the buildings are? And they're all in the same color!

Took this Bath City Sightseeing bus tour to go around the entire city...17 stops I think. Very convenient for tourists...but i think i'll probably walk the whole Bath if I were alone. :p

On the bus

The touristy area...Bath Abbey, Roman Baths...all in the same area.

More pics of Bath Abbey

Some street performances...that guy's outfit was!

Parade Gardens...that lion is pretty cool!

River Avon & the Pulteney Bridge...we went around this for area so many times!!

The bridge and the river from another side

More pics of random buildings in the city...they all looked similar right?

The Circus...all these are houses for the riches...very expensive!!

The Royal Crescent...this editing looks better huh! :p

This is failed editing...haha!

Of course I had to do some crazy jump shots here! :p

Random pics again

Late lunch at the Huntsman.

Went on the skyline bus for a tour around the outskirts of Bath.

More pics of River Avon from another view.

Beautiful weather to chill & enjoy a cuppa coffee. :)

We realised there were a lot of lions everywhere...all with different designs. It was actually for 'Lion of Bath 2010' pride to raise funds for charities...there were altogether 100 lions all over Bath...these were just a few that we saw.

This lion is interesting...Wayne Roarney...'Sorry about the result, please don't blame me'!!

Was too bored waiting for the bus before leaving Bath so took more random pics...those old people in the 3rd pic are so funny larr!!

OMG...these are sooooo goood!!! :) Million thanks to uncle for the wonderful Bath trip and this super yummy dinner!! :)