Sunday, August 25, 2013

Kunming Come-&-Go

23 July 2013 (Tuesday): Kunming (昆明)
If you're expecting a travel guide on Kunming in this post, sorry that you're gonna be disappointed coz Kunming was just an arrival and departure pit-stop for us. Apart from Stone Forest (which I wasn't interested in), there were nothing much to see in the city.  

Our train arrived Kunming at 5.40am and our first mission for the day was to find a hotel nearby. Mom and I asked around a few hotels and we finally decided to stay in Yi Fei Cui Hotel (亿翡翠大酒店) which was just about 5min walk from the train station. Since we were only staying for 1 night, we took a no-window-no-aircon room for 128yuan/night. The room itself was actually very clean and nice as you can see from the pics, just a lil' smaller but it was good enough for dad and I. 

View of the city and train station from the hotel.

Had Kunming Guo Qiao Noodles (过桥米线) for lunch before sending mom off to the airport coz her flight was one day earlier than ours. 

24 July 2013 (Wednesday): Kunming - KL - Penang

Did nothing the next morning, checked-out of the hotel at noon, had lunch, and took the airport shuttle for 13yuan/pax to the airport. =P

Surprisingly empty Kunming Changshui Airport.  

Rushed like mad after getting off the plane in LCCT and took a cab to KLIA to catch our flight back to Penang. That's it for our 10 days Yunnan trip!! Till we meet again China!!  

Once again, the expense report for this 11D10N trip. =) Pretty cheap right?? =P

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