Saturday, March 13, 2021

Winter 2020 - First Busy Season at Home

Another winter, another busy season. I've just wrapped up my 11th busy season at work, what a contrast this busy season had been as compared to the last year. We've officially completed a full year of working from home (or living at work) and I'm certainly not complaining. Who needs to go into an office when we can get work done efficiently with technology. But still, I'm hopeful that work travel will return some day. As uneventful as this winter had been working 14 hours work days at home, I'll still continue my quarterly updates to unload my phone photos.

2020 fashion. Btw, I still don't understand why people are even debating about wearing a mask in this country. So hard meh?

Jan 24 (Sun): Celebrated Christmas one month late with a simple gift exchange. Thanks SIL for the I <3 Spreadsheets!

Feb 11 (Thurs): Virtual CNY celebration with the family. Malaysia is also under 'lockdown' so CNY celebration is only with immediate family this year.

Some other non-celebrations - 7th wedding anniversary, New Year, 10th work anniversary, and Valentine's day.

Hubby was on a shopping spree for his 'toys', while I had fun shopping for masks.

Received some fun goodies from the boss and the firm. 

Feb 17 (Wed): It has been a few years since we had so much snow here!

This is absolutely random and totally none of my business, but the New Year was off to a great start thanks to the dating news of this lovely Binjin couple. I'm not usually into celebrity gossips but this pair is one that I'm genuinely happy and rooting for since CLOY last year.

And...on to my weekly meal prep photo collection...

Dec 20 & 27 (Sun): Char siu ham, deviled eggs, stir-fry veggie, potato salad, fried rice with hot dog, pasta with meatballs.

Jan 3 & 10 (Sun): Chow mien with baked chicken, deviled eggs, egg sandwich, stir-fry veggie, potato salad, seafood soup with mussels, pasta and meatball.

Jan 17 & 24 (Sun): Braised chicken drumsticks, deviled eggs, stir-fry veggies, potatoes and meatballs, chow mien, mushroom sauce marinated pork.

Jan 31 & Feb 7 (Sun): Chicken rice, pasta and meatballs, stir-fry veggies, pan fried pork, garlic and lime soup with veggie and mussels.

Feb 14 & 21 (Sun): Lu Rou Fan, pasta with meatballs, garlic and lime soup with mussels, hot dog and veggies.

Feb 28 & Mar 7 (Sun): Baked chicken, potato salad, pasta and meatballs, baked pork, chow mien, stir-fry veggies.

Twincredibles at 23-25 months. Getting cheekier!