Saturday, August 25, 2007

Finally...some photos!!

Some of the photos of what I've been up to lately...

Check out the link to my photo album at Wretch to see more photos ya!!

FAS Committees, Models & Helpers
Celebrating 20 years of excellence in Internally Assessed
ACCA President, Gillian Ball

MICPA Management Simulation Game @ UKM - 1st runner-up

Forum-Joyce, Me, Jun Loong, Ms Karan, Hwee Kim & Pearl

My 20th Birthday with group 12

Monday, August 20, 2007

Once again...thank you!!

20th BIRTHDAY!! 17 August 2007

I’m officially ‘older’…coz my age is gonna start with a ‘2’ from today onwards!! And this year’s birthday is kinda different because this is the 1st time I’m celebrating birthday in KL. I’m also spending my weekend all alone here coz my roommates are back to hometown this week (in case you’re wondering…I didn’t go back coz I just went back 2 weeks ago and I’m also having a forum on Saturday.) But, the good thing is, I get to have some time for myself and moreover, I’m not lonely coz I’ve got my friends celebrating this special day with me!!

We had our last lecture for the week on Thursday and I got a surprise from Kenzy…guess what…he made an announcement in front of the whole lecture hall that it’s my birthday tomorrow and asked everyone to sing birthday song for me!! Oh gosh…what a surprise!! I didn’t know how to react coz this is the first time that over 300 people sang birthday song for me!! Wow…thanks to everyone and also Kenzy for helping to ‘promote’ my birthday…hehe!!

I met up with bros for dinner and ‘big bro’ treat us Japanese buffet dinner at Saisaki. The environment was nice and there were so many varieties of food that I didn’t even know which to choose. The food was delicious but I couldn’t really eat much coz I was so full! Thanks Bro!! We dropped ‘big bro’ at his hotel and he passed us our presents from mum…haha!! Thanks mummy!!

Finally, it was 12am and I received a couple of birthday wishes from my friends and coursemates…thanks ya all for staying up late to send me a msg!! Really grateful to receive all your messages!!

I didn’t have any classes on Friday and I also didn’t plan to go anywhere. Actually, I planned to join GengQian (my classmate during secondary) for lunch at Pizza Hut and then spend my afternoon studying there. But around 12, Yuki called and asked me to join them for lunch at KFC and asked me to get prepared coz they’ll come and fetch m. Grp 12 has planned to celebrate one of their classmate’s birthday also. I was told that I’m supposed to be the ‘surprise guest’ coz the others from grp 12 didn’t know that I will be going so they were really surprised when I reached. Yuki managed to bluff them about my presence and she was ‘scolded’ by her friends for that…it was fun though!! Even though I didn’t really know many of them, I didn’t feel awkward because they were all so friendly and funny!! It was very fun to be with them and this is really my first time celebrating birthday with so many NEW friends!! They bought a cake for each of us and I also received a present from them!! You guys have really made my 20th birthday a very memorable and special day to remember and I’m very happy to know everyone of you!! Thank you very much…grp 12!!

In the afternoon, GengQian came over and bought a cake for me. At 10pm, Chian Zi and Pey Ling (classmates during secondary) called me and asked me out to ‘yum cha’ at ‘Old Town’. They also bought a cake for me and it was great to meet up with them for the first time since I came down to KL. After that, I also met up with YihChuin (Tarc Pg classmate) and some others from grp 7 at Steven’s Corner…and she also bought me a cake!!

I’ve had a very enjoyable and memorable 20th birthday and I really wanna thank every one of you from the bottom of my heart!! You guys are AWESOME!! Friendship Forever!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Thank Ya All!!

MICPA Games & Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence in Internally Assessed Course

Finally, everything's over.. Have been pretty busy lately for the preparation of the event to welcome Mrs. Gillian Ball and also the test which was just over.

We went for the MICPA Management Simulation Game at UKM last Friday and managed to get 1st runner-up for it...well done to my teammates!! Also wanna congratulate the others who won in other games...and for those who didn't win, itz great to see you guys participating and itz really a good try!!

To all the FAS committee members, really thank you all so much for helping out so much in the 'Gillian Ball' event!! U guys have really done your part very well and I'm really impressed by everyone of you! This event was a great success and it wouldn't have been so without every single one of you!! WELL DONE!!

To all the models and helpers, thank you for volunteering and waking up so early. Really appreciate all your help and hope that u guys will continue to support us for any events in the future!!

Also wanna thank Ms Geh for helping us (the new committees) so much in everything!!

Actually, I've got lotsa photos that I wanna upload here but I don't have internet here so maybe will have to wait some time to post some photos...

I've uploaded some photos and a video in Wretch...still learning how to use it...I'll compile all my photos and upload all perhaps after exams... I've got a link to it...check it out!