Monday, December 19, 2016

Minneapolis Winter Work Trip

My last work trip of the year came as a surprise just 1 week before the trip. They were looking for someone to help with some work in Minneapolis for the week of Dec 12, and so I volunteered and got the job. Most people probably didn't want to travel up north to the Midwest in winter but since I've never been there, I certainly didn't mind the cold. 

Lucky me, the weather forecast showed a coast-to-coast winter storm the week I was traveling. Packed all my winter gears to prep for the cold weather. This is probably the coldest place I've ever been so far...and that's celcius btw.

A snowy welcome to Minneapolis! It was snowing all day right before I arrived and it didn't snow at all the rest of the time I was there. =.=

Hotel hopping...W, Marriott, Westin. :P

I definitely overpacked when I found out that I was able to stay indoors pretty much the whole time I was there coz almost the whole city center is connected by the Skyway, including the hotel to our office. Skyway all the way!! 

View of the city covered in snow. =)

Room service for first night's dinner but very disappointed by the food, especially the whole bouquet of uncut broccolis and cauliflower. Lunch was catered so that saved us a whole lot of trouble.

The partner made dinner reservations for the team well in advance. Good for me I didn't have to help think of dinner options. =P Had 3-course dinner at Alma... Celery Root Flan, Layered Rice & Curried Prawns, and Duck Two Ways.

Filet Mignon and XXXL size brownie dessert at Manny's Steakhouse. 

Farm-to-table cuisine at The Bachelor Farmer. The menu was so 'fancy' I didn't really know what to! Top: Fresh cow’s milk cheese, pancetta-onion jam, toasted seeds, honey. Bottom: Pork meatballs, ragout of chestnuts and root vegetables, pickled mustard greens, duck broth.

The bosses saw that the weather was gonna be bad on Friday (snow) and since we've completed our work, we were told to change our flights and get out one day earlier. :)

This trip was a short one but I was fortunate to be working with a team of nice people. Definitely a great learning experience. :)

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