Thursday, January 21, 2016

Europe Winter Trip ✈ Innsbruck

After roaming around Munich solo for half a day, I bid goodbye to Germany and continued my journey to the city of Innsbruck in Austria to meet up with hubby. I don't really remember why we decided to make a stop in Innsbruck but I guess it was the nice winter (snowy) photos and its proximity to Munich that brought us there. Innsbruck is supposed to real pretty in winter and a popular vacation spot for Christmas but unfortunately, it didn't snow at all before and during our trip (thanks for making your point global warming). I was indeed a lil' disappointed by the fact that the alps looked kinda sad without snow. Oh well, traveling requires some luck. At least we had clear blue skies so I can't really complain.

Dec 25 (Fri): Munich - Innsbruck

Got off the bus at Hofgarten around 5pm and quickly walked to the Old Town to meet up with hubby and catch the 'Festive Tower Music' trumpet performance. "As darkness falls, Christmas melodies ring out from the balconies of the Golden Roof and the Weinhaus Happ, as well as the Old Town Hall. This all makes for a very special musical experience." It was nice to end my looong Christmas day with this performance and hubby's company. =) 

We were both starving after hours of traveling and was happy that we made it in time to have Christmas dinner together at Theresienbräu on our way back.

Our Airbnb ($75) for a night in Innsbruck with a good view of the alps from the balcony, too bad it's not covered in snow. Our host went home for Christmas so we had the apartment for ourselves. It took us quite a few attempts before finally finding a place that cost less than $100 on Airbnb coz of Christmas I guess. Plus, a few people had their place listed on Airbnb for the date we wanted but when we requested to book, they said it wasn't available...waste my time. =.=

The apartment was not bad but it was weirdly located right beside a logistics company's loading dock and the train tracks. We were guessing that the apartment is probably employees' apartment. Oh well, it was good enough for a good night's rest and that's all that mattered. =P

Dec 26 (Sat): Innsbruck - Salzburg

We saw the old town briefly the night before so we went back the next morning for more sightseeing. Triumphpforte and St Anna's Column (Annasäule) with Nordkette mountain range in the background.

Clockwise: Cathedral of St James, Innsbruck’s City Tower (Stadtturm), random door that attracted hubby's attention, Golden Roof.

GoPro wefies. =P

Innsbruck Old Town is really small and all the tourist attractions are very close to each other so half a day of sightseeing is enough to see everything. =P

River Inn. Just in case you're wondering which building I'm talking about, no I'm not referring to an accommodation, the name of the river is Inn. =P

Tranquil (romantic) stroll along Mariahilf River Inn. =P

This was how we roll. Literally backpacking (with 4 backpacks) through! =P 

Walked 2km from the apartment to the train station (Innsbruck Hbf). Felt like I couldn't life my shoulders after walking half an hour with 15 kg on my back...good workout...haha!!

Bought our train tickets from Innsbruck Hbf to Salzburg Hbf in advance for €14/pax. First of our many train rides during this trip. The 2-hour journey was a comfortable one (as demonstrated by hubby). =P

Lastly, our route map for Innsbruck.

P.S. Came back from work at 10.30pm today and it's 1.30am now. Still gotta go to work tomorrow so it's time to end my '2nd shift' and go to bed. 6 more posts to go for this Europe trip...stay tuned! =P

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