Saturday, November 2, 2013

India 1st Experience...Bangalore

Counting down 2 more months before 2013 has your year been? As for me, even though 2013 hasn't been as extraordinary as 2012, it has been a pretty good year so far. I've had the chance to travel a pretty good bit for both work and leisure, especially in the second half of the year. I've been infected by the travel bug so as long as I get to travel somewhere new every year, I'm a happy kid. =P 

I know I've said this over and over again but I really do count my blessings for all the opportunities to travel overseas for work. I always blog about my trips not to show-off but for my own records and for me to remember the places that I've been to and the things that I've experienced. My blog is like my own encyclopedia, a good back-up for my Dory memory. 

23-29 October 2013: Bangalore Business Trip

My destination...Bangalore...first time stepping on Bollywood land. =)

Met up with Rachel during my transit in Changi to be 'postwoman' to Shanghai. Thanks Rae for the Singapore immigration! Travelled twice via Changi last year and dumb dumb me juz found out about this transit voucher thingy now. Better late than never. =P

4-hours flight from Singapore to Bangalore. Found out that Kingfisher is brewed in Bangalore. Not a good idea having it in the flight when I had to stay up 2.5 hours more due to time difference. First time realizing that there are actually places with .5 time difference, I always thought time difference is on the hour. Watched a documentary about Hallyuwood, and yes I've been swept by! =P

Landed at Bangalore airport at 10pm (12.30am Malaysia time) and we were greeted by Leela's staff who then led us to the 5-series that brought us to the hotel. 

The Leela Palace. This hotel is so huge it took about 10 minutes for me to walk from the lobby through all these corridors to get to my room.

Niceeee room!! Absolutely what I needed after a long tiring journey. =)

This is how we travel to work everyday...Rolls-Royce & BMW. =P 

Hahaha...I wished!! This cute lil' thing is what we used to travel to work everyday. This auto-rickshaw is pretty cool right? Honestly, it's so much better to travel on these than a car with the horrible traffic there. It's so cheap and convenient! But depending on the driver's skill, it could turn into an exciting roller-coaster ride. That's why the company policy in India disallow its employees to travel by rickshaw. =P 

Our PW office in Bangalore.

First dinner in Bangalore...I guess this is the most 'Indian' meal that I had throughout the trip. We had Korean, Chinese, and Western for the other dinners. =P

Spent my weekend chillin' in the hotel instead of doing any sightseeing.  

Went for a swim...gotta fully utilize the facilities of a 5-star hotel. =)

My weekend workstation. Absolutely enjoyed the 5-star service and amenities in this 'palace'...feeling like a!!

That's it for my Bangalore trip...basically my impression of Bangalore consist of The Leela Palace, rickshaws, 100ft Road, and helpful clients. =) I'll save Taj Mahal for the future. =P