Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Life's Meant to be TOUGH~ :(

吴卓曦 & 廖碧儿

Haven't been updating my blog for quite some time already...Busy or Lazy?? I don't know!! Perhaps nothing special to write about...I guess... :(

Classes have been going on as usual everyday and till now I still don't have the urgency to get myself studying...watz going on with me??!! Financial Management's lectures are still fine...but I've gotta start revising or I'll be left way behind! Audit...well...what should I say about it...I get sleepy everytime the lecturer starts 'teaching'!! HELP~~!!

I gave myself a break and went to Times Square last Saturday with YW,PZ,Renee,Yeing & Kim. main purpose was to see 2 TVB artists...instead of shopping!! We went to J&Co. at Pavilion first and waited for half an hour just to buy some doughnuts...coz we saw the newspaper introducing this out of curiousity..we wanted to try as well!! The doughnuts tasted pretty nice...can give it try!! We reached Times Square a bit early and managed to get a place to stand in front...but due to the VIPsss...we were still blocked! So for almost 1 hour, we had to tip-toe and squeeze with the others to get a glimpse of Ron 吴卓曦 and Bernice廖碧儿. Both of them are so leng chai and leng lui!! Looks even better in person than on the TV!! I was so exhausted after watching that roadshow and my back was also aching after was really a 'good' exercise...Haha!!:)

I went to college on Sunday to meet up with the Penang debaters who came over for the inter-campus debate competition. I used to be one of them here last year and seeing them once again this year brought back those memories that we had last year. Itz kinda unbelievable that how time flies...can't imagine that one year has passed!! This year, they managed to get into the finals and I'm happy for them although it has got nothing to do with me...hehe!! Like last year, they didn't manage to emerge as the champion but they've all tried their best and this accomplishment is already good enough!!

I came back to Penang yesterday and this time I'm back for almost 5 days. But I can't really relax coz I've gotta complete my assignment within these few days...lots to do and I'm still struggling with it!! Itz driving me crazy!! This FM assignment is tough...and time is running out!! OMG!!

Received an email from Ms Geh today...itz about FAS... Gotta organize some activities before 2007 ends... Haih...gotta plan for it asap!! :(

I'm not feeling good drive to do anything :( Aarghh...can anyone help me get through all these!!

Aarghh!! Busy with assignment...what a mess here!!