Monday, February 18, 2008

2008 LUCKY SE7EN~~!!!

It has been more than a month since I came back from Hawaii...time really flies!!! Chinese New Year is almost over and I've also started my internship for 3 days already.

The 7th of the first 3 months of 2008 are all quite special for me.... Haha!!! Lucky SEVEN!! What a great start for 2008!!
Jan 7...Flew to Hawaii!!
Feb 7...1st day of CNY
Mar 7...WuChun's comin' for Romantic Princess Promo!!!!

I was so excited to know that WuChun & Calvin will be coming to M'sia but...I don't think I'll be able to go to KL coz I've gotta travel down again a week later for a camp...SAD~~!!! :(

My work place & view from the office

About My New Working Life:
Working in an office in absolutely something very new for me coz in the past...all my jobs were basically all about teaching. Erm...what can I say about the past 3 days...very simple!! There wasn't many staff in the office on the 1st day so they didn't bring me around to say 'hi' to other colleagues...and also didn't bring me for an 'office tour'...hehe!! My daily routine: Reach office at 8.30am...get to my table...start reading newspapers,magazines & listening to MP3 (till I almoz dozzed off more than 10 times in a morning!!!)...go for lunch...then continue to 'shake legs' again till 5.30pm and itz time to go home!!! huh...I'm lovin' it yo!!!! I guess I'm the only one who's soooo FREE for the 1st week! What to do...wait lo!!! :p

Before CNY officially ends on the Chap Goh Meh's juz a quick recap of my CNY 2008:

Not much CNY decoration at home...juz these few...kinda weird...haha!!

Traditional charcoal steamboat for reunion dinner...Yum yum!!

Yay!!! `We are FAMILY'!!!

What were we doing at nite on CNY eve??? gambling!! 5 laptops...looked more like a CC...Wakaka~!!!

1st day ~ CNY is all about visiting relatives...eating...& talking!!!

Fraternal relatives...we get to take this kind of photo only once in a year...very precious oo!!

Missed out one very important thing that we muz do during CNY...WATCH TV everywhere I go!!

CNY is a good opportunity for us to spend time with our relatives

Haha....'Wu Liao-ING'!!!