Monday, May 18, 2015

Philly Work Trip

After Houston, I had the opportunity to travel out-of-town again for work and this time, it was Philly. =) Once again, I was privileged to work with a good team of people. Not bad at all to be 'kehlehfeh' and still able to learn a lot. 

Free upgrade to first class...haha! First time ever traveling in first class but honestly nothing special for domestic travels.

My accommodation in downtown Philly for 5 nights. 

Downtown Philly.

I knew I'll have to eat here when I found out about this Penang restaurant in Chinatown. Walked 10 minutes from the hotel as soon as I dropped my bags and ordered Curry Mee and Ice Kacang...yumsss!!! My only complain is that the portion is too big!!

Was wondering why people were dressed up as random characters on the street, found out from google that there was a comic conference in wonder.

Nice office! Notice the treadmill on the top left photo, you can work and exercise at the same!

View of the city from the office.

Lunches and dinners for the week at Terakawa Ramen, Giwa, Coventry Deli, Paesano's Philly Style, Parc Brasserie, Le Castagne, and Devon Seafood Grill. How not to gain weight eating like this??

Had to try the famous Philly Cheese Steak before we leave so made a trip to Jim's Steak on the last day of work. To be honest, I'm not a fan. 

Went back to Penang again to stuff myself with all the Malaysian food that I can get before going home. Let me clarify, all these were for 3 meals, I'm not that crazy yet. Tried the sambal petai, chicken dumplings, assam laksa, roti canai, Hainan chicken, and Indian mee was all good!!! Service was also very good! =) 

Too much good food during the week...gotta burn off some calories and prep for the upcoming trip! :P

No free upgrade to first class on the way home but still got the 'comfort' seats, gotta enjoy this 'Silver' perk for few more months before it's gone. =P

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