Sunday, May 3, 2015

Spring's Here!!

Can't believe April is over already, but at least it's finally getting warm here! =) Been so busy at work this past month leaving me with no time to sort out my photos or blog. May is gonna be another hectic (traveling) month so I'd better finish blogging this weekend. =P 

Spring is a good time for photos, beautiful weather and blooming flowers, not a fan of flowers but absolutely love the colors!

Canola fields

Went by hubby's work place just to take photos of these trees. =P

Random flowers at work and grandma's house.

April 18 (Sat): This canola field caught my eye on my way back from Birmingham. Since it's only 10 minutes from our house, I requested hubby to bring me there during the weekend. So pretty!! =) This reminds me of our scarecrow challenge at Pinghu during the Amazing Race, which we didn't even have time to enjoy the scenery. =P

Spring scenery at much green!!

Didn't realize how the tree in front of our house was until the leaves started growing. Did some yard work and trimmed the 'bush' but apparently we didn't do a good!!

Enough of flowers, not time to see what we've been feasting on this past month...
April 3 (Fri): Date night with hubby at Chili's after returning from Houston.

April 11 (Sat): Visit to grandma's means yummy home-cooked food!
May 2 (Sat): Char-grilled steak at grandma's to celebrate hubby's graduation. =)

April 12 (Sun): Kebab cookout at the parent's after farming. =)

April 19 (Sun): Dinner at Red Robin's with the family after movie.
May 1 (Fri): KFC treat for grandma and dad, my first KFC here after 5 months. =P

May 1 (Fri): TGIF breakfast and lunch at work to wrap up our work for the 1st qtr.

Dinners for the month by chef!!

Weekend activities...
April 4 (Sat): Time to start working on our organic garden. Thanks to the parent's for getting the land and seeds ready. 

Farming 101 taught by the parents. =P As it was too muddy, we only planted corn, potatoes, and green beans on the first week. Then it rained so much for the next 2 weeks and unfortunately, only the corn survived. =.=

April 11 (Sat): Went for a charity fashion show at the Ledges with Anna.

April 12 (Sun): Up early to cheer on SIL for her half marathon. Brought the doggies to keep us entertained while waiting for the race to finish.



April 12 (Sun): Garden shopping with the family before starting round 2 of farming. 

Successfully planted all the seeds and plants we had in 3 hours. #familyteamwork We've got broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, carrots, squash, radish, tomato, cucumber, dill,  honeydew, watermelon, etc. planted in the garden. I'll be updating on the progress of our garden on this blog. =)

The doggies being funny while we were cooking out.

Another random experiment that I just started last week after reading about regrowing celery. Here's the progress after 3, 6 and 7 days.

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