Sunday, March 13, 2011

Life's Like A Box of Chocs?

Too many things have been going on and lots of thoughts have been going through my mind lately...nobody that I wanna speak to so I'd rather just write it out here. I'm not good in expressing myself so instead of saying the wrong things and making ppl misunderstand me...I'd better do it here. :(

Looking back at my blog posts since 2007, I think I've really done and achieved a lot over the past 4 years. I'm actually quite impressed with myself for having the courage and drive to constantly challenge myself, strive and achieve new heights. Most importantly, I've enjoyed every moment of it. But...what about now?

I don't know if anyone  noticed what I shared at the end of my blog...that used to be my motto. It's sad to say this but I'm using 'used to be' coz I feel like I'm going against everything that I wrote there now. :(

I mentioned before that 'life ends when you start working' may not be true to others but I really do think least for me. My life used to be pretty colorful and I was able to do a lot of things that I wanted to what I wrote in my motto. "Life doesn't hold tryouts"...being a radio contest freak...I won myself a free trip to Hawaii to see's kinda unbelievable but I made it...coz I didn't stop trying. "Pushing the limits to bring out the best in me"...I know I'm not smart and I may not be the top in class...but I've tried my best to do well academically to make my parents proud. "Learn & explore as much as possible in life"...I got the scholarship to go over to the States for a year and had the chance to learn, explore and experience so many things that I never knew possible.

I just realized nobody really cares about everything that I've done...I'm the only one who's living in my own little world and happy over everything that I achieved in the past. People wished I didn't get the scholarship and regretted that they allowed me to go to the States...all bcoz of one thing. Nothing have changed since 2.5 years ago no matter how hard we've tried...I should have known this earlier. Perhaps I knew it...just that I was hoping for miracles. I guess it's all my fault coz I'm the only stupid and naive one who's trying to go against all odds. The fact is...nobody cares...period.

I tried to achieve so many things over the last few years...for what? Just so that I can get a job that I wanted. And yes indeed I've got the offer...the offer was only for 4 people in Malaysia and I was lucky to be one of them selected. I was only one step away from it but had to turn it down coz that's not what everyone wanted me to do. And that's the reason why I said life ended once I started working...I'm just doing what everyone wanted me to do. It seems like I'm moving further away from everything that I desire to do. Sometimes I wonder...what's the point of having an ambition coz at the end of the day...most of them doesn't come true anyway. I really admire people who have the courage to strive for their dreams.

What about 'dare to dream' and 'live life without regrets'?? I'm bout to make another step away from what I want again. Haiz...I'm kinda lost, disappointed and sad...what should I do? :(

Friday, March 11, 2011

Touring Kuala Lumpur

Touring KL?? Doesn't sound very exciting huh...hehe! :p Well...this blog post is not meant for my Malaysian friends to read la coz I'm sure you guys wouldn't be interested anyway. :p 
So after Siem Reap, we continued our SEA tour in KL for a couple of days. Thanks to bro, cousin, and Rachel for hosting both of us while we were in KL. 

December 27 (Mon): KL City Speed Walking Tour

Our KL tour starts immediately after coming back from Siem Reap...had lunch at Secret Recipe in KL Sentral (introducing Daniel to our successful Malaysian franchise).

No car so had to travel by public transport...took the Monorial to the starting point of our free walking tour led by Sheng. 

Petaling Street a.k.a. Chinatown. 

Another Sri Mahariamman Temple in KL.

Walk...walk...walk...just followed our 'tour leader'...gotta walk fast coz it was gonna rain.

Masjid Jamek and ...dunno the names of those buildings. :p

Merdeka (Independence) Square and the Sultan Abdul Samad building. Tallest flagpole in the world? They were setting up the stage for New Year's eve countdown. 

KL looks quite nice from these pics huh?

Took  a break and had rootbeer float at Old Town after all the walking.

Old train station.

Don't remember the name of this temple.

December 28 (Tues): Batu Caves

Rachel generously pinjam-ed me her car for a day coz I had to go for an interview in the morning before continuing our tour in KL. Almost lost my way coz I didn't know how to go to Batu Caves. :p

Ooo-laa-laa...time for some work out. =)

Inside the's been a loooong time since I last came here. I was just a kid when I last came...I didn't climb the stairs at all coz I was too afraid of all the monkeys around so dad was the one carrying me up last time...haha!! :p

Yes...all these naughty monkeys.

Another chinese temple again...Tian Hou Gong. It was my first time coming to this temple as well.

This temple was used as filming site for a lot of CNY albums. But Daniel thought Kek Lok Si was much nicer than this. :) 

December 29 (Wed): KLCC Twin Towers

Woke up early hoping to get the tickets to go to the skybridge but we were too late...all the tickets were gone by the time we arrived. =.= 

'Chiak ba sio eng' posing with the 2 'corns'.

Some interesting graffiti. 

Upon Mr Daniel's request, we finally visited a mosque...the National Mosque =.= Had to wear this 'cool Harry Potter' robe to enter...why izit purple har??? All the tourists dressed like weird la! 

Another request from him...The Islamic Arts Museum. =.= Luckily I had my ISIC student card so paid less for entrance fee. Guess what's my favorite exhibit in the museum??
Answer: The Bench!! =.=

Went to Seoul Garden with Rae & Shal for BBQ+Steamboat buffet dinner.

That's all for now...I'm actually on the bus back from KL to ended today. I'd better stop typing before I puke...bouncy bouncy...this Konsortium bus driver a bit ganas lar. =.=

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Historical Angkor's been a month since my last post! Work is really taking up all my time these days...hardly had time to blog at all!! :( I had 81 blogposts in 2010...wonder how much lesser I'll have for this year. :p Been having job assignments back to back ever since I started work. Came down to KL for training these 2 weeks so had some free time to blog about our long overdue Cambodia trip. 
Siem Reap, Cambodia: 23-27 December 2010
I was the one who suggested Cambodia to Daniel...reason being he loves historical stuffs (very 'ngam' him) and I also haven't been there before. :p We had a tour guide who brought us around for 3 days...he shared lotsa knowledge and stories...was pretty interesting actually and I could even answer most of his questions. But now I forgot everything already...couldn't even remember the names of the places we! I'm asking Daniel to help me with this coz he made notes during the trip...or else all the captions would be "some random stones/temples". =.=

If you wanna ask me what's my impression of Siem Reap...I would say it's kinda like Malaysia during the 70s-80s. Lotsa dirt roads, kids running around the streets without shoes, etc...can see more from my pictures. Traveling to these places makes us realize how lucky we are to be living in abundance.

December 23 (Thurs): KL - Siem Reap

Woke up early to catch our flight from KLIA.

Lunch on MAS flight...pretty good huh.

Kingdom of Cambodia from the sky.

Beautiful weather welcoming us.

Checked in Hotel 89 but they were overbooked so the manager gave us a complimentary stay for a night at another hotel nearby.

Very bouncy ride on the tuk tuk to the other hotel.

Dirt roads.

Public bank & Maybank?

There's this one street with lotsa pubs and restaurants...lotsa tourists as well.

Tried some Khmer (cambodian) food at World Lounge.

Angkor Night Market.

December 24 (Fri): Temples Day

Ta Phrom...lotsa huge trees! 

Nice butt there. :p

Walked a pretty good bit through this mud road into another temple inside the jungle. 

Ta Nei Temple.

Ta Keo Temple. Stairways to heaven?? According to our tour guide, the steep and uneven steps signifies that it's difficult to go to heaven...but we managed to make it to the top. :) But when we wanted to get down from the other side...the steps were even steeper and it looked pretty scary so we decided to go down from where we came...or else we'll be going down straight to hell. :p

Lunch at a local 'kampung house' restaurant. Tried some Khmer food too.

South gate of Angkor Thom city.

Angkor Thom city.

Bayon. Temples with many faces.

Sunset at Phnom Bakheng.

So many people waiting to watch sunset.

Too free while waiting for the sun to set so took pics of our shoes...all filled with dirt after walking all day.

Like this also can fall asleep???


Steep steps again. =.=

Dinner at Khmer Kitchen.

We were surprised by the hotel employees when we got back. They were having a Christmas eve staff party so invited us to join 'em as well. They were all very nice and friendly.

December 25 (Sat): Christmas Day at Angkor Wat

Story-telling session before we start our Angkor Wat tour. This temple has been restored by the French and is one of the most well-preserved ruined temples in Angkor. The road that leads us to the temple is only half restored to show us how it used to be.

Excuse me Mr. touching the Apsara's boobs please. :p So many people have been touching this part that it has become more shining than the other parts of the carving.

Better picture of the whole Angkor Wat.

Took lotsa random pics around Angkor Wat.

Climbed the stairs again to get a birds eye view.

View from the top.

Like the middle pic that bro took for me. =)

I was busy taking video while walking down the steps and the lady behind me was kinda impatient coz I was walking slower...I bet she just wanted to get down asap coz she was scared...haha! :p

Leaving Angkor Wat.

Banteay Srei

Lunch time...Supporting local small businesses again. =)

East Mebon

Visited the Angkor Artisan School to see how locals learn to do craft work.

Had buffet dinner at Angkor Mondial Restaurant for Khmer traditional performance.

December 26 (Sun): Preah Khan, Neak Poan, Tasom Temples, Tonle Sap.

Preah Khan 

Local kids selling stuff and begging for money everywhere we go.

All the temples here are surrounded by moat.

Neak Poan. That baby enjoying his nap on the hammock while the mom is busy selling stuff.

Tasom Temple. Dunno why most of the kids like to ask bro to buy stuff from 'em...I always get to escape coz I'll strategically walk behind bro and Daneil...hehe!!

Lunch before heading to Tonle Sap lake.

At the jetty to board our boat for the Tonle Sap tour.

These are mostly settlements of Vietnamese who came across the border to Cambodia during the Vietnam war. The water level changes throughout the year and these people have to move around during rainy season. 

Can you imagine yourself living in these places? Most of 'em doesn't have a bed...their bed is the hammock. Those kids sitting in the basin are actually beggars trying to get some money from tourists. Life is definitely not easy for them huh.

These kids scare me off coz they were trying to sell these snakes to us. I didn't wanna be mean but please...get away from me coz I don't like reptiles!

This was definitely not my favorite stop at all...snakes and no no!!

The lake is the playground for these kids.

December 27 (Mon): Goodbye Siem Reap!

Free shuttle from hotel to the airport = chilly tuk tuk ride with all our luggages early in the morning...very "chi kek". :p

This trip was really a good eye opener. We had the chance to talk to the locals and learn so much about their lives...they may not earn a lot but I can see that they are contented and happy. Hope that their tourism industry can help to boost Cambodia development.