Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Busy or Lazy??

I know i know i know....."Chattanooga Weekend" have been 'resting' there for tooooo long already...haha...wondering why I took so long to update?? Ok ok...I'm sorry lo...I admit...this time itz my fault...oops! :p I have been free from tests for the past 3 weeks...so can't use 'busy' as excuse this time...hehe!! The only word I can use is....LAZY...hahahaha!!! Be prepared...this post is pretty long oo!!

I have been watching a lot of shows online lately...even more than what I watched back home!!! 篮球火,娱乐百分百,超级星光大道4, 康熙来了,女人我最大,学校学不到的事,Gossip Girl, The Hills...OMG!!! I'm really crazy...Chinese, English, Japanese...seems like too much huh!! My favorite is still Hot Shot...too bad only one episode per week...wait till neck long lar!! Even though WuChun doesn't appear much, it was still nice watching Jerry & Show cause they always make me laugh!! Speaking about WuChun....Fahrenheit went to Malaysia to promote their concert last Friday!!! Aarghhh...I missed it!!! If I was in Malaysia, I'll definitely try to call-in and win the chance to meet them in person....too bad!!! :(

Fahrenheit Concert Promo Tour in Malaysia...I wanna see WuChun in person!!

I'm chillin' too much probably because studying here is not as stressful as ACCA...like 'sky & land'...really!! Sorry har...my fellow coursemates in AFA 2...I don't mean to brag of show off...that's the truth!! I know...next year is my turn to stress...so by that time itz ur turn to 'show off'...hahaha!!! :p The system here makes studying easier mainly because we'll have few tests during the semester and whatever covered in the tests will not be asked again in the next tests or final exam...maybe that's the reason why I'm having short-term memory nowadays...hahaha!! Before coming here, I thought college exam was already good enough...just remember whatever learned during the semester then can forget after final exam....as compared to high school where we had to remember what we've studied for 2 or 3 years!! Besides, some classes allow students to request for tests to be pushed back...cool huh!! Try doing the same thing in TARC...the lecturers '睬你都傻'...haha!!

My daily routine here has been quite systematic: Wake up at about 8.30am...turn on computer...take shower...then sit in front of my laptop...open up few web pages (watch the stock market...check email & facebook)...chat or talk with family & friends...then go to cafeteria for lunch....come back continue online...eat dinner...then continue online again till I go to bed only shut down my computer. Of course, I always attend all my classes and also study for tests & quizzes...I still remember my priorities here...haha!! I've received my results for 2nd tests: Accounting-90; Japanese-122/125. I'm satisfied....so far so good!! ;)

The weather here is finally getting chilly for the past few days....about 22 degrees (celcius) during the day and 5 degrees at night. Everyone is starting to wear long sleeve and jacket. I like the cold weather but sometimes I'll feel too cold...guess I'm still not used to it yet. It is also getting dark earlier now...it starts getting dark at 6.30pm (like 8pm in M'sia)...gives me a false impression that it's already late. Our suite has been very quiet nowadays...mainly because Cristina is at her bf's place most of the time, Anna went home almost everyday last week & as usual Danielle not around most of the time....I'm home alone!!! Lonely lar....luckily still got someone to chat with me on messenger! :) Internet & messenger is awesome!!!

Alright...enough crap...time to share about some interesting things that I've been up to lately!!

16 Oct 2008 (Thurs): ISH Event
I heard about this community service opportunity from Dr. Ong, who is also chairing this event. She is in-charge of the NESA group so supposingly, I don't usually join them in their activities. But coz she is also Malaysian...so she asked if I would like to help out in that event (Malaysian 'take care' of each other ma)...hehe!! It sounded very interesting so I decided to join them and skipped one class. The event is called 'Culture of the Chamber' and is organized by the International Society of Huntsville. It was a social event where people from different countries get together for dinner and get to know each other.

All of us get to dress nice for this community service and our tasks were pretty simple. We helped to set up the venue, arranged the food, registered & welcomed the guests and after that get to eat and socialize with the guests....cool huh!! :) It was interesting to talk to people from different countries...including some locals...and I also met 2 Singaporean & Malaysian ladies...it was nice talking about things back home! I enjoyed this experience very much and got to know the others better...really appreciate this opportunity! Thanks Dr Ong!! :)

Everyone looked very nice!!

10-11 Oct 2008 (Fri & Sat): Gal's Weekend Getaway

We had 4-days' weekend for fall break. Anna was very nice and offered to bring us to her high school football game, overnight at her house then go to her grandpa's farm the next day. Anna used her mum's SUV to fetch Cristina, Sabina, Uyanga & me to her house on Friday evening. Their house is very nice and they have hugeeeee compound...almost the size of my primary school field..haha!! Her mum, Donna, prepared yummi-licious meatball spaghetti & 'burnt' bread for dinner....yum yum!!

We then went to Anna's high school (New Hope High School) to watch (American) football. It was my first time watching a football game live so I was quite excited about it. But since we don't really know much about how the game goes, we ended up focusing more on the talking, and watching the cheerleaders and band!! Anna was excited coz it was the 1st time going back to her high school after graduating...I felt the same when I went back to my high school for the 1st time! Watching the bands also brought back lotsa memories that I had when I was in the band during high school.

We went to her grandpa's farm the next day. It was a new experience for me coz I've never been to a farm before! I'm a city kid...haha!! Her grandpa had 2 big dogs, which kinda scares me coz they are almost as tall as I am! We saw horses, donkey, cows, chicken and lama. I felt like I was in the zoo...hehe!! I got to ride on the horse and it was awesome!!

It was indeed an interesting fall break for us....thanks Anna for the hospitality!! I'm really happy to have you as my roommate!!! ;)

I like this place....tranquil and relaxing!!

Nice house!! I realised that the mirror they had beside the door (left bottom pic) is exactly similar to the one in our house!!!! What a coincidence!!! America & Malaysia...same furniture...unbelievable!!!

New Hope High School football game

Scenery along the way and nice houses in Hampton Cove

Visiting the farm....very interesting!!

Enjoyed hanging out with ya'll...

9 Oct 2008 (Thurs): Community Service

It was fall break so I decided to spend some time doing some community service. We are supposed to complete 10 hours of community service per semester. It was my first time involving in a community service here in US. We went to the Huntsville Downtown Rescue Mission to help them coz they juz moved to a new place. Only 4 of us went that day so it was kinda boring. We spent most of the time moving donated items and organizing them. It wasn't an easy task so we were all worned out at the end of the day. But anyway, I have nothing to complain....coz after all we're doing community service...I'm happy as long as I can contribute some effort to help others live a better life!!! :)

Quote to share: "“Do good things whenever the opportunity comes. When the opportunity is gone, try as we may but it might be too late.”

First Community Service!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Chattanooga Weekend

In a few more days, it'll be my 3rd month being here in the US. That means...7 months more to go before leaving...arghh...i hate to think about that!! :( I was talking to Uyanga few days ago and realised that we've already been here for almost 2 months!! Gosh...that's way toooo fast!! I've been enjoying every experiences here so far and met many awesome people, all these will definitely make me feel sad when I'm leavin'. Juz put these thoughts aside first, I'm gonna enjoy myself to the fullest for the next few months!! ;)

I've been sharing a lot about different activities & different places that I've been to through my blog and facebook. My friends back in Malaysia said that I seem to be paid this scholarship to come here to experience the American culture & have fun instead of studying. Hehe...i'm indeed having fun but make it clear...I do put in a lot of effort in my studies too! Juz that I didn't mention much about it coz might bore ya'll...haha!! :p

So I'll juz briefly recap about my progress in studies so far. Advanced Financial Accounting...scored 90 for my first test and juz had my 2nd test laz Thurs. Investments...scored 98 for my first test and ranked 3rd in the StockTrak game now...not bad huh!! Biz Writing...got an A for my individual project (very happy coz the teacher told the class that even though i'm not from here...I did very well...coz i think only bout 5 ppl got A in our class). Japanese...scored at least 90 for quizzes & homework and juz had first test laz Wed. So...proved that itz not juz all play & no work yo!!

28 Sept 2008 (Sun): Chattanooga Trip
The international office brought us all for a trip to Chattanooga, Tennessee last Sunday. It was the first time for all sponsored students to go on a trip together. We went to the Lookout Mountain and the Tennessee Aquarium. Overall, it was a pleasant trip and we enjoyed ourselves seeing the nice scenery at Lookout Mountain & visiting the aquarium. We were all busy snapping pictures & killing our cameras. I took quite a lot of pictures too so had to combine all of them together...juz click on the photos to see clearer ya! Hope that we'll have more chance to travel around together! :)
2 hours journey from UAH to Chattanooga...picturesque view along the way.

Yeah...finally i'm appearing in more pictures...woohoo!!

Picturesque view of 7 states from the Lookout Mountain

More pictures!!!!!! Ran out of memory at the aquarium...hehe!!

A small part of my 'findings' in the aquarium

26 Sept (Fri) - Hang out with Rachel & Friends

Rachel & I have been talking about meeting each other even before we came over since we're the nearest from each other. Finally, Rachel managed to come to Huntsville with her friends. It was nice seeing someone familiar so far away from home! We went to Bridge Street and itz nice to go to this special place again, I really like the place! We then went to Coleen's house for dinner and hang out with her friends for the rest of the night. It was nice meeting Rachel and her friends from UNA! ;)

Rachel & her friends from Uni of North Alabama

Nice view around Bridge Street especially during sunset

Gals' night at Coleen's house