Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Result's Released!!

Examination Results for Semester 1

I was so surprised coz I didn't expect to receive my results so soon!! At first, I thought only the pass fail list would be out...but when I checked it out just now... Truth...I was a bit shocked coz the actual grades are also out already!!

And my results...Financial Reporting:A ; Taxation:A ; English:B+ :( !! A bit dissapointed coz I only managed to get B+ for English...but I should be satisfied coz I got As for the other 2 subjects... :) I'm still not sure what's the final grades yet coz this is the 1st time that they grade it this way... Anyway, congratulations to YunWan and PeiZhi!! Well Done guys!! :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

School's Started lol...

Back to college again and everything's still the same.... First week is pretty relaxing coz there are only lectures to tutorials yet(except 1...too bad...I didn't do the 1st tutorials...oops!!)

Have been busy with the ordering of the books....aargh...some wanna order and some wanna cancel...very troublesome!! And the worst thing...the supplier...Oh Gosh...he's tough to deal with lar! So afraid that we won't pay...come on...need time to collect money one impatient for what...i won't run away with the money!!! :(

We'll be having 4 days' break tomorrow onwards...I won't be going back to Penang so I guess I'll just gonna spend my time watching some shows and do some reading....haha...haven't been touching my books yet these few days!! :p

Selamat Hari Raya...!!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

I'll Be Back Soon...!!

Back to KL lol....!!'s over!!! Itz time to get back to college again after almost 4 weeks of holiday! Time to get serious and start studying! This semester is gonna be tougher...3 subjects to go!! Go go go~!!! Audit and Financial Management...aarghh!!! Hope that I can cope with these 2 subjects....gambatte!!

I've just received our timetable yesterday and too bad...we've got class everyday and the worst thing is that...there are 3 days where we only have one class to attend!! What a waste of time and $$!! :(

Itz always busier at the beginning of every semester…I’ve already got a few tasks to complete. First, gotta settle the audit text books…attend a meeting with ACCA external examiners on Tues…get the FR receipts…discuss about the certs with the other committees…etc….

We’ll be having 4 days’ Hari Raya break for the coming weekend but I won’t be going back to Penang coz itz kinda short…I’m sure KL will be ‘deserted’ for that few days!

I won’t be able to online so frequently anymore…haih~!! I’ll be back soon to update my blog! I’m considering to switch my blog to Wretch…coz I’m now having 2 blogs…Haha!! Crazy huh??!

Bye bye lo…Penang~!! Ciao!!