Saturday, October 6, 2007

I'll Be Back Soon...!!

Back to KL lol....!!'s over!!! Itz time to get back to college again after almost 4 weeks of holiday! Time to get serious and start studying! This semester is gonna be tougher...3 subjects to go!! Go go go~!!! Audit and Financial Management...aarghh!!! Hope that I can cope with these 2 subjects....gambatte!!

I've just received our timetable yesterday and too bad...we've got class everyday and the worst thing is that...there are 3 days where we only have one class to attend!! What a waste of time and $$!! :(

Itz always busier at the beginning of every semester…I’ve already got a few tasks to complete. First, gotta settle the audit text books…attend a meeting with ACCA external examiners on Tues…get the FR receipts…discuss about the certs with the other committees…etc….

We’ll be having 4 days’ Hari Raya break for the coming weekend but I won’t be going back to Penang coz itz kinda short…I’m sure KL will be ‘deserted’ for that few days!

I won’t be able to online so frequently anymore…haih~!! I’ll be back soon to update my blog! I’m considering to switch my blog to Wretch…coz I’m now having 2 blogs…Haha!! Crazy huh??!

Bye bye lo…Penang~!! Ciao!!

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