Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Result's Released!!

Examination Results for Semester 1

I was so surprised coz I didn't expect to receive my results so soon!! At first, I thought only the pass fail list would be out...but when I checked it out just now... Truth...I was a bit shocked coz the actual grades are also out already!!

And my results...Financial Reporting:A ; Taxation:A ; English:B+ :( !! A bit dissapointed coz I only managed to get B+ for English...but I should be satisfied coz I got As for the other 2 subjects... :) I'm still not sure what's the final grades yet coz this is the 1st time that they grade it this way... Anyway, congratulations to YunWan and PeiZhi!! Well Done guys!! :)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

congratulation to u...
well done and i saw flying colours haha...
keep it up and gambateh for this sem too... ^^