Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Big Bro's Wedding Day

Nov 7 (Sun): Khai Nien & Eileen's Big Day
Finally, after months of preparation and anticipation...the big day was here!!! =) Even though I wasn't the main character, my schedule on that day was jam-packed...hardly any time to rest at all. Woke up at 6.30am and was busy non-stop till 12am. Didn't even had time to transfer the morning photos so took very few pics only during the dinner coz my camera ran outta memory. =.= Bro hired a professional photographer and videoman to capture every moment of their big day but I was the kaypo-unprofessional-camera-girl who was also busy snapping photos all the time. :p We've got the nice photos from the photographer but I still prefer to use mine...hehe! :)

Early early followed bro to his make-up session.

Relatives helped out with the ceremony as well.

Getting ready to go to the bride's house.

Cousin was the 'driver' for the 2nd car.

Pit-stop at Autocity to meet up with all the 'brothers' and some photoshoot.

Behind-the-scenes of what you see on the video.

The 'bo-kiasi' videoman...look pro huh! 

Arrival at the bride's house.

The 'heng dai' entourage. 

'Ji Mui's all prepared to kenakan the guys.

HengDai vs JiMui

First challenge...limbo rock!

Next...wasabi bun.

This was upon request...Nobody by 'Wonder Boys'. :p

The crazy bunch.


Told ya bro was super excited bout getting married!

The excited bridegroom finally gets to see his wife...hahaha!

Traditional ceremonies...walking around the car for 3 rounds was kinda funny though. :p

After all the ceremonies in the bride's house...it was time for bro to bring his wife back to our house. :)

Left to right: Bridesmaid & best man, the newly-wed couple, 2 pairs of twins.

Another round of worshiping ceremony.

Then the time-consuming 敬茶仪式 begins. :p

Paternal relatives.

Maternal relatives.

Time for the younger ones to receive the angpow.

Good timing for group photos since so many relatives were here.

Final photoshoot at the garden.

As I mentioned earlier, my camera ran outta memory so only took few pics at the wedding dinner.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Bro's Wedding Eve Dinner

Unexpected event happened in our family. :( Was supposed to continue blogging bout bro's wedding but haven't been able to online much coz been 'camping' somewhere since last Friday. That place was so cold that I finally get to wear my hoodie. =.= By the way, what happened was shocking and saddening...especially looking at all these pictures...haiz! The month of November started really well with bro's wedding but is ending pretty badly...gosh...tough luck! Life is definitely giving us lemons right now...hopefully we can get some lemonade soon. :( It's tough blogging this right now but I need a place to vent and keep myself going. 

Nov 6 (Sat): Bro's 'Lao Tiah Meh'
Mom and Dad invited all their friends and relatives to our house for buffet dinner the night before bro's wedding day. We estimated about 80 people to come but I guess more than 100 turned up...so it was a lil' chaotic. Was busy moving chairs and tables from the house coz there weren't enough place to sit...then moved everything back in again coz it was drizzling. =.= Mom and dad were also busy entertaining all the guests...it was pretty overwhelming but I enjoyed the 'merry merry' atmosphere. :)

Didn't managed to take pics of everyone who came...these are just some that I took.

'Merry merry' atmosphere inside the house as well. Bro's 'brothers' were busy discussing about their plans for the next morning...some guests were looking at wedding album...some sang karaoke...and some just watched the 'karaoke show'. :p

The party ended at about 10pm. Bro 'eat full too free' wanted to clean the floor so dad helped him.

Grandma busy getting ready for the 'bai ti gong' ceremony at midnight. She's the expert. :p

The ceremony started with mom & dad 'escorting' bro from his room...and he must wear his pyjamas...hahaha!

Then grandma led the worshiping ceremony

Mom and dad's turn. Bro was the videoman and I was the camera girl. :p

Feed 汤圆...bro has to swallow without chewing...me not understand why though. :p 'Siao kia' too excited about getting married.

敬茶 to parent.

End of the ceremony was to go to bed...hahaha!! Of course he didn't sleep right away lar. :p

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Behind The Scenes - Big Bro's Wedding Prep

Anyone noticed the massive updates on my blog these few days?? Hehe...coz I'm freeee and still lagging behind on my updates. :p I'm being a lazy bum shaking legs and chillaxing at home everyday...trying to enjoy this 'luxury' as much as I can before work life begins. =.= 

So talking about wedding prep...I can use one word to describe...'memafankan'...haha!! There are so many 'laws' to follow...my goodness! Now I know why wedding planner make such good money...lol! In order to cut cost, our whole family were the wedding planners...FOC. =) In fact, big bro's wedding prep started about a year ago...but I only had these few recent pics coz I was missing-in-action for the last 4 months.

One of the 'laws'...bro had to bring these gifts and angpow to the bride's house about a week before the wedding day. 

Discussing with the videoman about their wedding ceremony 'cinematography'. The video was played during the dinner and lotsa ppl liked it so I guess this was money well spent...hehe!! I've attached the video below. 

Wedding ceremony video produced by Mak Digital.

On the other hand, I was in-charged of making several slideshows to be played during the wedding dinner. Spent almost 2 weeks in front of my small netbook working on the pictures...and my netbook was sooooo slowww...omg!! I've attached the slideshows below as well.

Khai Nien & Eileen R.O.M. 

The journey: Khai Nien & Eileen

Another 'law'...making the bed for the bride & bridegroom. Mom and dad were 'nominated' to do this job...and I wasn't allowed to touch anything (dunno what law)...so I became the supervisor giving instructions to both of them...haha!!

Forever Friends wedding bear that Sheng bought from KL. So how does the bed look?

A huge canopy was set up for the buffet dinner. Dad cleaned his car coz it was gonna be used as the second 新娘车.

Getting ready for the buffet dinner.

Went to 'kaypo' the process of decorating the cars.

The 2 wedding cars.

Cousins and grandma making 汤圆 together. :)

My 'New' Room

As I've mentioned before, I was busy helping out with bro's wedding right after I got back from UK. But apart from that, I was also busy clearing up my bedroom coz our house was repainted, so I took the opportunity to make some changes to my room. This post is just to share some pictures of some new additions to our home...good to see everything looking new again after 10 years. :) I'll update about bro's wedding-related stuff in my next post. 

'Chiak ba sio eng' made this huge postcards poster for my table coz I don't know where to keep all the postcards that I bought. =.= Kinda regret that I made 2 of these coz it makes my room look like a travel agency now! =.=

My 'world' collection corner. Juz some random things that our family have been collecting from different parts of the world.

Another collections corner (clockwise)...Barbie, Pooh, Disneyland, Radio contest freak, souvenirs. 

My newly arranged bedroom...minus the mess coz bro was busy working on his wedding stuff.

Wall Cupboard of Fame. :p

Some new furnitures for the living room.