Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Oct 17 (Sun): Bruges, Belgium last post for Europe trip!!! Last but not least...our final destination was Bruges, Belgium...another extremely short pit-stop (2 hours)...basically just 'touch & go'. =.=

Hmmm...very interesting balloon welcoming us to Bruges!!

Random buildings....again. =.=

I was bored so took pictures of angmoh kids and dogs instead...haha!!

Belgium is famous for its chocolates...but guess what I 'discovered' in this choc shop. :p 18sx-themed!! So would you like a black or white one?? :p

Another thing that is famous in Belgium...Beers!! Rachel introduced Hoegaarden to me so I tried this one with citrus...didn't taste like beer lo. =.=

Time to say goodbye to Europe...took SeaFrance ferry back to London from Calais.

Coincidentally met WenLin 'again' when we we 'da bao-ing' roasted duck rice for dinner at Bayswater. We bumped into each other in Venice...then in London ngam!!

This post rounds up my 16-days Europe tour with Expat Explore. Overall, it was really an enjoyable journey...went to so many beautiful places, met lotsa nice people in the tour especially the older ones, and had lotsa fun and laughters along the way. I know I'm extremely fortunate and blessed to have the opportunity to travel to so many places as a student...all thanks to my dearest daddy and mommy. =) I know it ain't easy for them to  fork out this huge amount of money so I saved a lot on food and hardly eat out throughout the trip just so that I can save more money. :p 

This blog has been a great platform to record my entire journey...not to show off but just for my own record. Memories fade, and that's why I'm making an effort to cherish all these good memories. =) 


Allenspy said...

Dear Kai Shing,

Randomly i saw your blog regarding your Europe Tour by Expat Explore.
Your 16 days blogs really interesting :)
I am interesting for the same tour run by Expat Explode as well... mind to give me your personal opinion before i make payment for the tour?
thank you so much...

Appreciate your advise.

Allen from M'sia said...

Hey Allen,

Thanks for dropping by my blog. :) Personally, i would recommend this tour for younger ppl who are more adventurous. Not quite suitable for older ppl coz this tour is a combination of backpacking & tour...not the typical fully guided tour. You'll have the chance to explore most of the places at your own pace but be ready for a good bit of walking. On average, u'll get to spend at least one extra day in each places whereby u'll hav to take a public transport (metro/bus) to move around. This may involve some xtra xpenses but it's pretty reasonable. If u don't feel like walking more, u've got the option to juz stay in the hotel as well.

Allenspy said...

Dear Kai Shing,

Thank you for your valuable reply.
in addition, roughly how much pocket money we should have for these 16 days... for sure exclude $$$ souvenir... mainly the expenses for food and drinks...