Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Goodbye UK...Hello M'sia!

Oct 18 (Mon): Got back to London after the tour ended then spent one night at cuz's place...was busy packing all night. Left early the next morning coz had to take the train to Manchester to catch our flight back home. Had to lug our heavy luggages all the way again...this time was a lil' better than the last time though.

Took Virgin trains from Euston to Manchester Piccadilly...beh syok coz 2 guys took the table seat that was reserved for us. =.= I threw my Puma shoes away so had to wear my ugly Crocs all the way...haha!!

Had few hours to kill in Manchester airport...was 'camping' at the restaurant with all our luggages. Coincidentally...Nishanti, LaiLi, Hans, and Devinder was also traveling on the same flight to Dubai. 

4 months passed by really quickly huh! The food this time was much better than the last time. :) The flight from Dubai to KL was really empty...WeyShin was really making herself at home...hahaha! :p

Finally arrived KLIA...the hot land. Bro & dad came to pick me up from the airport.

Usual routine...arranged all my 'purchases' when I got home.

Must-haves after coming back from overseas...yummy!!


Ann said...

Hi KhaiSing.. is me again...
May i know:
1.What size trolley beg are you bringing? How heavy it is?

2.Any food sourvenir that you recommended from which country and what brand.

3.I heard normal camera not working well when in cold place such like Switzerland. Any suggestion.

Thank you again.


Khai Shing said...

Hi Ann,

1. I didn't really bring a lot of things for the trip. U can have a look at the size of my bag in the pic below. The size is almoz the max size of a cabin baggage. I also brought a backpack. Most of the clothes I wore twice...but u'll hav the option to do laundry during the middle of the trip so don't worry bout bringing too many clothes. Spare some space for souvenirs too. =)

2. Im not really a foodie so can't really help much for this ques. But if u love chocolates...switzerland and Belgium could b a good place to get chocs. U can also get the beers in Belgium since it's famous. :p

3. My camera is just a normal Sony digital camera and it worked well throughout the trip. The lens of your camera might fog and blur for awhile if you're out in the cold for some time then go back indoor but i dont think that will spoil ur didnt spoil mine. Juz make sure u back up ur pics along the trip (on ur computer or hard disc) juz in case something misfortunate happens to your camera. :p You don't wanna lose all your pics.

Hope that helps!

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