Monday, October 6, 2014

Meet-Me-Halfway Honeymoon: Part 10 - Finale

May 25 (Sun): Lunde - Bergen - Oslo
Our trip was finally coming to an end but our journey home was a long one involving multiple modes of transportation - car, ferry, train, metro, bus, plane. =P

Departed Lunde at 12pm and drove 5 hours to return our Volvo at Bergen's Hertz. 

How much did we spend for 7 days of car rental? Traveling around Norway ain't cheap.
Car rental NOK2246 + Toll NOK54 + Petrol NOK603 = NOK2903 (RM1590)

Took a 7.5 hours overnight train at 11pm from Bergen to Oslo, NOK249/pax (RM138). 

May 26 (Mon): Oslo - Frankfurt - KL

Daniel's flight back to US was few hours ahead of mine so we parted at Oslo airport.

This was the only souvenir I got from Norway, vodka made with pure glacier water.

3pm flight from Oslo to Frankfurt...goodbye Norway!! Thanks for being so beautiful!! =)

5 hours transit at Frankfurt airport before catching the 9.35pm flight to KL. 

That's all for our 14 days Stockholm & Norway honeymoon trip. Very good trip indeed!

If you realize how expensive everything is in Norway, the 'damage' for our expensive honeymoon is actually not that bad. =P

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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Meet-Me-Halfway Honeymoon: Part 9 - Lunde, Norway

May 23 & 24 (Fri & Sat): Lunde 
10 days into our trip, we've pretty much covered all that we wanted to see and it was time to begin our long journey back home. Lunde was an absolutely random stop coz we just wanted to find a pit stop between Geirangerfjord and Bergen to break our journey. This place was in-the-middle-of-nowhere but it was a perfect place for us to do nothing, chill and take in Norway's natural beauty before we bid goodbye to this beautiful country. 

Picturesque scenery along our 3.5 hours journey from Geirangerfjord to Lunde. =)

Our accommodation for 2 nights - Lunde Turiststasjon. We booked a 2-person cabin for NOK250/night (RM135) but got a free upgrade to a 4-person cabin. Nothing fancy but the room was well equipped with free-wifi, fridge, microwave, and TV. 

Since we were the only guests there, we had the common kitchen and bathroom all for ourselves. Yes we like to live in our own!!

Best thing about our cabin, the surrounding view was just amazing. There's a waterfall right in front and we could even see the glacier from far.

Our definition of chillin'...watched drama, played PSP, made all our meals, and enjoyed the scenery from our living room. Perfect getaway (minus the 'special' gas that contaminated our!) How I wished everyday can be so relaxing. =P

Absolutely didn't know that there's such a beautiful view at this place. I was caught by surprise as I was walking around on the 2nd day. This definitely took my breathe away.  

Non-stop taking and posing for photos. Can't believe we paid only RM135 per night to stay at such beautiful place!! =)

Last but not least, my signature jump shot to wrap up this post. 

That's it for all the scenic posts and photos from our Norway trip. For those who have been following our journey, thanks for reading and hope you've enjoyed the pics. Just one final blog post to wrap up our Meet-Me-Halfway-Honeymoon series. I know...10 posts for 2 weeks' trip is pretty extensive. =P