Monday, October 6, 2014

Meet-Me-Halfway Honeymoon: Part 10 - Finale

May 25 (Sun): Lunde - Bergen - Oslo
Our trip was finally coming to an end but our journey home was a long one involving multiple modes of transportation - car, ferry, train, metro, bus, plane. =P

Departed Lunde at 12pm and drove 5 hours to return our Volvo at Bergen's Hertz. 

How much did we spend for 7 days of car rental? Traveling around Norway ain't cheap.
Car rental NOK2246 + Toll NOK54 + Petrol NOK603 = NOK2903 (RM1590)

Took a 7.5 hours overnight train at 11pm from Bergen to Oslo, NOK249/pax (RM138). 

May 26 (Mon): Oslo - Frankfurt - KL

Daniel's flight back to US was few hours ahead of mine so we parted at Oslo airport.

This was the only souvenir I got from Norway, vodka made with pure glacier water.

3pm flight from Oslo to Frankfurt...goodbye Norway!! Thanks for being so beautiful!! =)

5 hours transit at Frankfurt airport before catching the 9.35pm flight to KL. 

That's all for our 14 days Stockholm & Norway honeymoon trip. Very good trip indeed!

If you realize how expensive everything is in Norway, the 'damage' for our expensive honeymoon is actually not that bad. =P

If you wanna read/see more of Norway's beauty, check out these links:25 reasons why Norway is the greatest place on earth

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