Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Boring Updates

It's my 3rd week here in Sheffield already. Haven't been doing much after Ireland trip, just spent most of my time in the dorm or attending classes...nothing interesting to update. Was supposed to go to London last weekend but had to cancel the trip and forfeit my coach tickets coz I'm having classes every Friday. :(

Oh yea...haven't really mentioned much about my classes here. So I'm taking 3 modules...Corporate Finance, Strategic Management Accounting, and Skills for Business Decisions. Professors here are pretty nice...having fun listening to classes in British accent. Compared to my flatmates...I'm a bit 'sui' coz kena class on Tues,Wed,Fri whereas they have their Fridays off. Yes...blame the timetable...haha! =.=

June 24: Welcoming reception hosted by Dean of Business!!! :)

Dinner time! Josh learning to cut garlics...big achievement!! My so-called 'rice & vegetable' that everyone always perli!

I'm good student...I do homework...haha! :p I'm having fun borrowing books here...but I doubt I'm gonna read 'em.

June 27: My first & last England's game in World Cup. Was pretty fun observing the reaction of other supporters. Look at Beckham's reaction when it was 4-1...but still entao...hehe! :p

What a contrast. The first vid was funny coz that guy was so into the game and didn't realize that his chair fell.

Game over...cya again in 2014!

Monday, June 28, 2010


June 20 (Sun): Liverpool
Finally my last post for this 4-day trip...gosh...I'm pretty long-winded huh! :p As compared to Ireland, we didn't really walk a lot in Liverpool coz we were exhausted already I guess. So most the pics are just sceneries or buildings, was too lazy to take pic of myself. There are only 3 main things to see in Liverpool...Liverpool Stadium, Albert Dock, The Beatles.

Woke up super early at 4.30am to catch our flight from Dublin-Liverpool at 7.45am. That's why we all looked half awake. =.= Dublin airport was already so crowded at 6am!

Arrived Liverpool at ourselves a 1-day bus pass and went to the city center. It was early so all shops were still closed.

This is Anfield! None of us are Liverpool fan but we came coz we had nothing else to do. Saw a big group of fans visiting the stadium.

A guy in the airport introduced this buffet place to us...we were all starving so this was definitely a goooood meal. So many people eating there!

Liverpool One Shopping Mall

Great weather for a it was Father's Day! You hardly see this in M'sia...coz we're too hotttt...haha! :p

Spent half the day chillaxing around Albert Dock

Walking around Albert Dock enjoying the scenery, people, and weather.

Some things around Albert Dock.

The 2 old men juz sat there and enjoy their beers for hours...and looking at 'pretty woman walking down the street'. :p

3 of us went into the Merseyside Maritime Museum...they've got some Titanic exhibits.

Random buildings again. =.=

Guess what happened to this 'boy' after drinking that beer? Notice that woman's expression in the top right pic? We were just watching him sleeping in different poses for more than half an hour...and I got a sunburn bcoz of this...haha! :p

At the train station waiting for our train back to Sheffield at 7pm. We were busy observing weird people with weird fashion.

That's all for our "Boss & Co's" Ireland trip! Tempted to join our tours now? Haha...jz joking! :p It was indeed a nice trip...visited 3 cities within 4 days...quite a good accomplishment! :p Thanks to my travel mates for making this trip even better!! =) I guess I've done a pretty good job promoting Ireland on my blog & fb...*slappp*...too bad we don't get any commission from Ireland tourism!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Exploring Ireland - Dublin

Getting bored of Ireland posts yet?? If yes then too bad...coz I'm still not done with all the pics yet. :p Anyway, it's weekend again!! But this weekend I'm going nowhere...wanted to go for Cambridge trip but it's full so nvm. Attended first week of classes this far so good...our professors are also really nice! :)

June 19 (Sat): Dublin
Took a bus from Belfast to Dublin on Saturday morning...bout 2 hours journey. Northern Ireland & Ireland is actually 2 different countries...that means our bus crossed the border from UK to Ireland.

Arrived Dublin city at about 10.30am

Juz some pics of random buildings. We were supposed to drop our bags at the hostel first but were given the wrong direction by 2 Irish...ended up carrying my 10kg backpack walking around the city for 10 hours! =.=

Dublin Trinity College

Heard of St Patrick's Day? This is St. Patrick's Cathedral...niceee!

More cathedrals & churches?? I think I can start using the 'ABC Framework' soon...Another Boring Cathedral...haha!! :p

The most famous thing in Dublin is of course...Guinness!!! I'm not a fan of stout but since we're already here...of course we didn't wanna miss it!

Honestly, I wasn't very interested in the process of making Guinness...Barley, Wheat, Hops, Water...bla bla bla...these exhibits are at least a lil' more interesting.

I guess a lot of people drink Guinness but doesn't know where it comes u know the answer is Dublin, Ireland! And surprisingly, Malaysia appeared for the Asia/Pacific region!!

Waiting for our turn to learn to pour our own pint of Guinness...muz follow the steps also!

My turn!! That's the one I poured...not bad yea!

We got a certificate for pouring a perfect pint of Guinness...hahaha!!

The Graviti Bar filled with visitors

Our lunch at a small local bar...forgot what I ordered....something beef with Guinness.

Dublin Castle

Jump shots at Dublin Castle...other people might think that we were crazy. The top 2 'failed' jumpshots are soooo funny!! WeyShin's face is constantly covered by her scarf, JiaRong had 1 nice one, Joshua 2nd pic is hilarious!! The last pic is awesome...karate kid!

The famous 'overpriced' Temple Bar. There was a cycling race going on so it was a lil' crowded.

Some interesting things in the city. Ireland leprechaun, Eco Cab, army tanks, horse carriage

Mount Eccles Hostel...were here for only few hours just to sleep before catching our early flight to Liverpool the next morning. Josh said he didn't manage to sleep well coz a couple was making some 'interesting' sound effects...erm...u can ask him bout it or let your imaginations run wild. :p

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Exploring Ireland - Giant Causeway

I'm supposed to be in bed at this hour but well nvm, just gonna continue with my Ireland trip updates. Was burning the midnight oil working on the photo collage...whoops! :p Soooo many nice pictures!!!

June 18 (Fri) : Giant Causeway Day Tour
We followed McComb's tour for this Giant Causeway trip. The student price for this tour was £20 but I had another 20% voucher so it was supposed to cost each of us £16. But...guess how 'smart' 5 accounting students can be?? None of us realized that the guy gave us the wrong change so we ended up saving only 10% instead of right??? But anyway, this trip was definitely worth the price paid...A-M-A-Z-I-N-G scenery throughout the entire journey!!! Don't believe it?? Keep scrolling down and 'see' it for yourself...hehe! :p The driver was also very humorous and told us a lot of info about the sites. Our trip started at 9.30am and the whole bus was full!!

First stop: Carrickfergus Castle
We were all very 'sam pat'...first time seeing castle so rushed down the bus and started taking plenty of pics. A kind American couple offered to help us take a group pic and guess what they said when I offered to help them take a pic? She said, " have no idea how many castle pictures we've taken!!" They've been traveling around Europe for 2 wonder la!

Our bus took the Causeway Coastal Route to go up north. This Causeway Coastal Route is rated as one of the top 5 road trips worldwide! No joke wei...I was in awe of the breathtaking scenery!! The road hugs the narrow strip of coastline btwn the sea and high cliffs (copied this from the brochure)...haha!! And of course I got my 'first class' seat to take loads of pics...left, right, front, back...luckily I brought my netbook to transfer the pics. ;)

That small tunnel was only about the size of the bus.

Got mountain got sea....good fengshui huh? How awesome would that be if I can own a house there!

Arrived Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge...gotta walk about 15 min to get to the bridge.

See how much we need to walk & hike!! But at least the view is awesome! Can start singing "The Climb" liao...there's always gonna b another mountain...why??? =.=

My camera never get to rest....blame the scenery...not me!! :p

Ahhh....all my pics are nice apart from the one with me in it...why la wind??? That justifies the 3 layers of clothes that I'm wearing right?

The rope bridge was 30-metre but scary!

More pictures after crossing the bridge...the water looked so pretty!

I was like having a fashion show...wear jacket, take off jacket, wear again...crazy wind!

These 3 naughty monkeys...don't know how to read the sign "DANGER"...sumore wanna take picture with that sign. I 'no eye look' them.

I'm a good tourist...follow instructions and don't go near the cliffs...haha! :p

O-M-G...BEAUTIFULLLLL!!!! Ahhh...wonders of mother nature!!

Time to walk back

Please lower the volume...the wind sound is kinda annoying.

Oh nooo....let's sing again..."there's always gonna b another mountain~~~~"

Heading to Giant Causeway. The white building is Causeway hotel. The other one is the 'pub of the year' in Northern Ireland. Had our lunch there and was wondering how they got this title...Joshua almost got mad waiting for the food to be served..haha!

Finally arrived Giant Causewayyy!!!

Ignore the rocks in front...the extraordinary thing about this place is the geometric columns that were formed from lava that erupted 60million years ago. The shapes are all hexagon...that's what makes it special. :)

When I told bro that I'm going to Giant Causeway...he asked why I went all the way to see 'batu'?? I guess coz these 'batu' are special?

According to the tour guide, Giant Causeway was the most visited attraction in UK last year...surpassing Buckingham Palace!

I just loveee the sceneries here!!!

Oh not that song again!!! =.=

I forgot what's this...some river I guess?

Dunluce Castle behind us...the sun was too bright...can't see clearly.

We were supposed to visit the Bushmill Distillery but bcoz of one black sheep who was late for 15 minutes coming back to the bus from Giant Causeway...the distillery was closed when we arrived. :(

Hope y'all enjoyed the photos!! Next update...Dublin!!!