Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Greetings from Sheffield!

I'm finally here with my first update from Sheffield!! I've arrived safely last Saturday afternoon but had been busy all the time, that's why I'm running behind with my updates. And guess what, it's actually 5am now and I've been awake since 3. =.= Don't know if it's jet lag or too much walking...been falling asleep way too early these few days...arghhh!!

Btw, i've just been busy settling down...getting groceries, orientation, bla bla bla...lotssss of walking coz our dorm is 20 minutes away from the uni and city center. :( I don't like walking!! It's supposed to be summer here but we were greeted with temperature of 12 degrees last 3 days...how awesome is that right? So chilly & i can feel my skin drying up already. =.= Worse still, the heater in my room is not working and cold air is leaking into my room through the window. :(

Aight...enough of words...time for some pictures! ;)

June 11(Fri): Mom & dad came down to KL to send me off. Dropped by aunt's house before heading to the airport.

June 12(Sat): Our flight was at 2am..."Fly Emirates". Time for some loads of pictures! ;)

7-hours flight from KLIA-Dubai. Lots of movies, songs, & games but I chose to sleep...hehe! Love the lightings! :)

Roti & eggs...that's all we had for the entire journey. =.= Yea..welcome to UK..more roti to come.

Landed in Dubai at 4.30am...and the sky is bright already??

Dubai airport was crowded with 'transitters'.

This is Dubai airport.

Was hoping to get a picture of the Palm Islands but got these instead - sandy & hazy Dubai.

Paparazzi/stalker pics of the cabin crew on our flight from Dubai-Manchester. That air stewardess on the lower right pic is Joshua's "Victoria"..haha! That shows how bored we were on the plane. :) Emirates cabin crew are really niceee...thumbs up!

Manchester from the sky...we've finally arrived at 12.30pm!! Woohoo!! =)

Oh noo...so many TARCians!! J's happily leading the TAR entourage. :p

The bus that brought us from Manchester to Sheffield. Those 4 were showing their 'impatient' faces coz we've been waiting for 4 hours & still stuck in Manchester airport. So inefficient.

Scenic road along the way to Sheffield. Love the lush greeneries!!

Everyone was getting ready for England's first match against USA..."Come on England"!!

After such a looooong journey...we've finally arrived at 5.30pm!! This is the place that we'll be staying for the next 3 months - Charlotte Court.

Roaming the streets with the 'coolest' fashion for the year...I meant Joshua & JiaRong.:p It's 9pm and still so bright...hmm...weird! It gets bright early & gets dark late here.

My room with bathroom ensuite. Nice?

That's all for now. Will keep the updates coming soon! =)

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yun754 said...

wow u guys buy the expansive toilet rolls, and u got en suite! i bet it's expansive .... =P
but ur dorm is just like the standard UK hostel dorm. but the heating... er, not like what i used to la...
u should check with the central heating stuffs