Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Boring Updates

It's my 3rd week here in Sheffield already. Haven't been doing much after Ireland trip, just spent most of my time in the dorm or attending classes...nothing interesting to update. Was supposed to go to London last weekend but had to cancel the trip and forfeit my coach tickets coz I'm having classes every Friday. :(

Oh yea...haven't really mentioned much about my classes here. So I'm taking 3 modules...Corporate Finance, Strategic Management Accounting, and Skills for Business Decisions. Professors here are pretty nice...having fun listening to classes in British accent. Compared to my flatmates...I'm a bit 'sui' coz kena class on Tues,Wed,Fri whereas they have their Fridays off. Yes...blame the timetable...haha! =.=

June 24: Welcoming reception hosted by Dean of Business!!! :)

Dinner time! Josh learning to cut garlics...big achievement!! My so-called 'rice & vegetable' that everyone always perli!

I'm good student...I do homework...haha! :p I'm having fun borrowing books here...but I doubt I'm gonna read 'em.

June 27: My first & last England's game in World Cup. Was pretty fun observing the reaction of other supporters. Look at Beckham's reaction when it was 4-1...but still entao...hehe! :p

What a contrast. The first vid was funny coz that guy was so into the game and didn't realize that his chair fell.

Game over...cya again in 2014!

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