Monday, June 21, 2010

Exploring Ireland - Belfast City

Yeahh...I'm back from Ireland!!! :) It's been a great weekend getaway...lotsa walking but the amazing scenery made it all worth it! Not bad for our first backpacking trip. Best of all, the weather was GREATTT...sunshine and cool wind throughout the weekend!! Took soooo many pictures so I'm gonna split this 4d3n trip into few posts...haven't had time to sort out all the pictures yet. Gotta catch up with studies this week so hopefully it won't take too long for me to edit the photos.

Guess what brought us to Ireland? flights!! :) Ryanair was having a sale in May and so we got our tickets for £8 per way. Could have saved £5 if we had a mastercard prepaid card. =.= The flights were so cheap that everything else was more expensive than the flight...weird right?

For those who are interested with "Boss & Co's" Ireland's the itinerary with pictures attached...hahaha! :p

June 17 (Thurs) : Sheffield - Liverpool - Belfast city

Walked to Sheffield train station to catch our train at 9.42am to Liverpool...yea the ang moh time very 'chun' one...not 9.40 not 9.45...departed exactly at 9.42! My seat was facing backwards...against the direction that the train was moving...felt like throwing up!

More greeeeens along the way...getting tired of taking green pictures already...they all look the same isn't it?

Arrived Liverpool South Parkway station at 11.14am then took a bus to the airport

Liverpool John Lennon Airport. Liverpool=The Beatles

Northern Ireland from the skies....sooooo BEAUTIFULLLL!!!!!

We were all starving when we arrived so first stop was lunch at "AM PM" bar.

Foooood!! The 2J's were most excited about food...that's all that they care about...haha!

Started walking around the city aimlessly...5 homeless Asians..didn't even know where we were. We just walked & walked & walked...u know how much i don't like walking right???

Botanical garden. The grass here seems to be cleaner huh? Everyone was chilling under the sun...we would be barbequed if we did the same thing in M'sia!!

Queen's University. Cool buildings yea...Like Yale & Harvard.

Belfast City Hall. We were lucky to visit one day earlier coz they closed it the next day for cycling grand prix.

Lotsa cool architectures in the city. Don't ask me the names...I'm just interested in taking pics of buildings...not a history person. :p

The Waterfront/Thanksgiving Square. Our tour guide gave that female figure a cool name - "Lula with the Hula". :)

Random pics as we walked along the waterfront.

The Fab 5???

Taking a break after walking for hours...look at our wanna pengsan d.

Titanic was actually built in Belfast but according to the tour guide, the sinking had nothing to do with Belfast. He said, "Titanic was perfectly safe when she left our shores, she was fine, there wasn't anything wrong with her. And it's not our fault that she had a Scottish engineer, an English captain, and a Canadian iceberg in her way." Hahaha...he's hilarious larr!!

Yay...another group photo!

Yo...check this out!! These ppl walked till kisiao d. Got names for these pics sumore..."Gangsta in Belfast"..."Tarcians in Belfast"..."Homeless in Belfast". *SWEATTT*

Vagabonds hostel. Small but cosy little hostel. Met backpackers from several countries but was too lazy to so-sial. Just chatted some with a girl from Taiwan & our roommate from Australia.

That's all for the first day of our trip. More to come soon but I really have no time to work on the pictures yet. Stay tuned for the next post -- Giant Causeway!!!

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It's in fact a city with breathe-taking view!

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