Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Win some...lose some...

Well that's win some; lose some. There's always time when we have to face trade-offs...and I hate making decisions at times like these! :(

I've been studying for ACCA exams for the past few weeks and there's nothing much for me to blog about...yea it's veryyyy boringgg!! Can't wait to get it over with! Wasn't planning to blog anything until after exams but very 'pekchek' now so wanna find a place to vent...arghh!! =.=

My last posts was about's considered good news I guess, but nothing to be happy about coz it's still a merit for me. Well, knew this since last sem so no surprise. Not sure if I've mentioned here that I'll be going to UK for 3-months for a summer top-up degree program. But anyway, yea I'll be leaving on June 12 to Sheffield and will be there till early Oct. Schedule is kinda tight for me coz ACCA exams finishes on the 8th and I'll have only 2 days to pack all my stuffs & gotta go down to KL on the 11th...yea it's pretty crazy.

So, the thing that's bothering me now is the 'trade-offs'. I applied for 3 things earlier on:
1.Got a job offer from KPMG (but can't start work yet coz going to UK)
2.Got shortlisted for SIA interview (but can't attend interview on 19th coz flying off on 12th)
3.Got shortlisted for Denso Youth for Earth Action program (but can't attend interview on 16th coz flying on 12th)

Haizzz...why are all the timing so wrong?!?! All good news turned into bad news...wahlao eh!! The first two I don't mind, still can try again after I come back...but I really want to go for the 3rd one!! Click on the link above to know more about this program. It's actually pretty cool, would have been a great opportunity to learn more about environment and use the knowledge to carry out alumni community projects here. That's something that I plan to be involved in after completing my studies and the timing is just right! Being shortlisted as 1 of the 13 candidates for the interview is already one step closer...but...haiz! Requested for teleconference but they said cannot. No choice lo...unless waste more money and fly one week later...still considering this option but lotsa other things to consider still. :(

I'd better stop venting and get back to studies...counting down 4-days!!

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