Monday, September 28, 2009


Ermm...I've got no idea what title to put for this post. September had been an extremely uneventful month apart from the one and only big event--final exams! No life for almost one whole mth coz everything revolved around studies and text books.=.= We had a mid-sem break earlier on so our semester was also xtended for 2 weeks. Our exam started right after everyone else finished theirs...and Raya break was in between of our exams...yea...we're very 'special' indeed!

Finally finished our exams 2 days ago and we're having one week's break before the revision class starts. And so...the first semester is finally over...4 mths seemed to passed by pretty quick. I still remember when we first started this semester...Rachel & I was constantly comparing and complaining about the hectic study life here...and dreading for this semester to end...haha!! In fact, we're still not quite done with this semester yet...coz the big exam will be in 2 more months to study the same 3 subjects...ahhh!!

Here are some random pics that I took recently...

Course committees, my classmates, and the college (the lecture hall looks like it's somewhere in the jungle)

Was too bored so took some 'artistic' photos from my apartment

We visited one of our relatives at the hospital and guess what we did while we were waiting...haha!! The hospital was so high we decided there's no need to wear a mask!

The same thing happens everytime when it comes to exam season...there's no need to clean up the table coz itz gonna get messy anyway. :)

This lucky girl's birthday was 2 days before our first paper. Ms Geh & my surprise plan was so successful that she really thought it was a blurrr!!


This year, our birthday happened to fall around the same time as grandma’s lunar birthday. Since we made a trip back home for grandma’s birthday dinner, we got to celebrate our birthday together as well. We’ve been celebrating most of our birthdays together for all these years, but not for the last 2-3 years. I celebrated my 20th birthday with my friends coz I was studying in KL…and I was in the States for my 21st birthday. So this time we are back celebrating together again!

This is not *peace*…this is twenty-two!!

Nothing fancy…but the best thing was celebrating it with all my loved ones!!

My birthday present from bro…hehe…my teddy buddy!! Thank you kor kor!!

Another birthday present from my dearest baby all the way from US!! I loveeee this digital frame!! Thanks for the surprise bby!! *Hugs & Kisses*

Our birthday is a day apart so I made this photo album for him! Thanks to Alan for helping me to ‘ship’ this to Alabama…hehe!

Flew back to KL on my birthday after a short birthday weekend back home

Another birthday surprise planned by Rae n Josh. I thought we were juz gonna have dinner at Chillis…but surprisingly…Ms Geh and her kids came also!! Thank ya’ll for everything…that’s so sweeet!! =)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Grandma's 80th!!

Time to catch up with some updates after abandoning my blog for more than a month!! I'd been keeping myself away from blogging coz had to spend the last couple of weeks studying for final exams. Well...I'm not that crazy to the extent of studying 24/7...and in fact I'm online most of the time. It's juz that I can spend lotsa time updating juz one better not waste too much time. That's why this update is quite out-dated already.

16 Aug 2008: It's grandma's 80th birthday so mom & aunt planned this birthday dinner and invited all our close relatives for dinner at Wonderland restaurant.

Happy 80th Birthday to my dearest Grandma!!! Love you!!

Being healthy and strong at the age of 80 is definitely worth celebrating. She's my only grandparent who's still around and I'm fortunate for that. Since young, I've been pretty close to my grandma coz she was the one who took care of me when I was lil'. She has come a long way in life...even though the early years hadn't been easy on her, at least she has 3 good daughters and 7 lovely grandchildren now...hehe!! =) She went through a surgery last year and I'm glad everything went well...hope she'll always stay healthy and happy!! =) cute grandma!! *peace*

It was a great to get everyone together coz I haven't seen my aunts and cousins in awhile. I wasn't back for CNY this year so it was good time to catch up a bit with 'em.

As usual, I was the photographer....capturing all the happy moments!!