Saturday, March 12, 2022

Winter 2021/2022 - Busy Season #12

I've just wrapped up my 12th busy season at work, another busy and hectic one, but at least I was able to work at home and be a hermit. As usual, winter is typically uneventful so this post is a photo dump to clear out my phone before our next trip. =)

Jan 1 (Sat): Tornado warning on New Year's Day. Fortunately nothing happened but we were glad to be able to make use of our storm shelter.

Jan 3 (Mon): Crazy weather to kick off the year, tornado warning followed by heavy snowfall, which is unusual in the south. I used to be more excited about snow days because it means working from home, but it doesn't make any difference anymore these days.

Busy season goodies from the boss and the firm

Busy season was tiring but positive notes like these make it worthwhile.

Glad to see families getting together for holidays and celebrations this year after almost 2 years of 'social distancing'.

Some recent purchases to prep for our next adventures.

Feb 10 (Thurs): A totally random and unrelated note that made me very happy. My favorite celebrity couple is finally getting married!! What an exciting news for all BinJin fans!!

On to my weekly meal prep photo collection...

Dec 26, Jan 2 (Sun): Bbq chicken, stir-fry veggie, salad, mussels and veggie soup, baked pork fillet, potato salad.

Jan 9, 16 (Sun): Chickuteh, bbq chicken, potato and egg, mussels pasta, meatball and pasta.

Jan 23, 30 (Sun): Bbq chicken and rice, potato salad, stir-fry veggie, salad, pasta and meatball, steamed egg.

Feb 6, 13 (Sun): Chickuteh, pork fillet, salad, stir-fry veggie, meatball pasta, mussels and veggie.

Feb 20, 27 (Sun): Bakuteh, pork fillet and potatoes, salad, meatball pasta, muifan, meatball pasta, potato salad.

Mar 6, 13 (Sun): Chicken rice, stir-fry veggie, meatball and sausage pasta, bakuteh, salad.

Twincredibles at 3-years old.