Thursday, November 18, 2010

Behind The Scenes - Big Bro's Wedding Prep

Anyone noticed the massive updates on my blog these few days?? Hehe...coz I'm freeee and still lagging behind on my updates. :p I'm being a lazy bum shaking legs and chillaxing at home everyday...trying to enjoy this 'luxury' as much as I can before work life begins. =.= 

So talking about wedding prep...I can use one word to describe...'memafankan'...haha!! There are so many 'laws' to goodness! Now I know why wedding planner make such good! In order to cut cost, our whole family were the wedding planners...FOC. =) In fact, big bro's wedding prep started about a year ago...but I only had these few recent pics coz I was missing-in-action for the last 4 months.

One of the 'laws'...bro had to bring these gifts and angpow to the bride's house about a week before the wedding day. 

Discussing with the videoman about their wedding ceremony 'cinematography'. The video was played during the dinner and lotsa ppl liked it so I guess this was money well spent...hehe!! I've attached the video below. 

Wedding ceremony video produced by Mak Digital.

On the other hand, I was in-charged of making several slideshows to be played during the wedding dinner. Spent almost 2 weeks in front of my small netbook working on the pictures...and my netbook was sooooo slowww...omg!! I've attached the slideshows below as well.

Khai Nien & Eileen R.O.M. 

The journey: Khai Nien & Eileen

Another 'law'...making the bed for the bride & bridegroom. Mom and dad were 'nominated' to do this job...and I wasn't allowed to touch anything (dunno what law) I became the supervisor giving instructions to both of them...haha!!

Forever Friends wedding bear that Sheng bought from KL. So how does the bed look?

A huge canopy was set up for the buffet dinner. Dad cleaned his car coz it was gonna be used as the second 新娘车.

Getting ready for the buffet dinner.

Went to 'kaypo' the process of decorating the cars.

The 2 wedding cars.

Cousins and grandma making 汤圆 together. :)

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