Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Thank Ya All!!

MICPA Games & Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence in Internally Assessed Course

Finally, everything's over.. Have been pretty busy lately for the preparation of the event to welcome Mrs. Gillian Ball and also the test which was just over.

We went for the MICPA Management Simulation Game at UKM last Friday and managed to get 1st runner-up for it...well done to my teammates!! Also wanna congratulate the others who won in other games...and for those who didn't win, itz great to see you guys participating and itz really a good try!!

To all the FAS committee members, really thank you all so much for helping out so much in the 'Gillian Ball' event!! U guys have really done your part very well and I'm really impressed by everyone of you! This event was a great success and it wouldn't have been so without every single one of you!! WELL DONE!!

To all the models and helpers, thank you for volunteering and waking up so early. Really appreciate all your help and hope that u guys will continue to support us for any events in the future!!

Also wanna thank Ms Geh for helping us (the new committees) so much in everything!!

Actually, I've got lotsa photos that I wanna upload here but I don't have internet here so maybe will have to wait some time to post some photos...

I've uploaded some photos and a video in Wretch...still learning how to use it...I'll compile all my photos and upload all perhaps after exams... I've got a link to it...check it out!

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