Monday, August 23, 2010

23rd Birthday!

Aug 17 (Tues): Assignment crunch time these few weeks...kinda stressed out. =.= But at least still managed to squeeze some time out to celebrate birthday here...thanks to my flatmates. :p I'm pretty lucky coz got to celebrate my 21st, 22nd, and 23rd birthday in 3 different countries...but what matters most was still the company. Would be great if I can have family and friends celebrating together all at once though. :p

Went out for lunch with my flatmates one day before my birthday...wanted to get out coz we were all too bored sitting in the dorm.

My dear flatmates gave me a treat...thanks guys!! :)

Sharon made me potato nice of her! :) My flatmates bought me a cake too! :)

Flat 51 hangout session :p

My super early birthday present from daddy before coming very cool phone...haha!! Thanks daddy!! :p


Vivien~❤ said...

Happy birthday!!!!! and to ur bro as well!!!

weelian said...

Happy belated birthday..haha.first time leaving comment here although I have been reading your blog for few month. thanks for ur guide.^^