Thursday, September 2, 2010

Aerial Extreme!!

Yeahhh...I'm finally done with my last assignment!!! OMG i'm so sick of doing ASSignments already coz I've been on a non-stop 'assignment marathon' for the past 4 weeks!!! Been busy rushing to meet deadlines after deadlines for 4 assignments...phewww!! I'm still not done yet though, final exams in 2 weeks' time. =(

Aug 29 (Sun): Aerial Extreme High Ropes Adventure @ IceSheffield
Beh tahan sitting on my butt all day facing the computer so took a break from assignments and had an 'adventurous' day out with JiaRong, Nishanti, & LaiLi last Sunday. =) We actually won free tickets (costs £24 each) from Aerial Extreme facebook contest for their new course in right?? And guess how I found out about this contest?? All thanks to PASBD assignment...we were supposed to look up for info on Sheffield City Council website but I ended up finding this 'info'!! :p I love all these outdoor stuff so really had a great time there despite the super windy weather!!

 My free ticket! 

  Saw this weather when we arrived...we thought oh crap...gonna be soaked. 

 Then the guy asked if we wanted to go to the washroom before we went, came back and the sky was clear...Sheffield's weather is very unpredictable indeed.

Getting geared up. Btw, the staff was very nice! =)

All geared up for the challenge...but we looked more like construction workers huh??

I was the first to go and was the only one holding the was busy taking pictures in front and behind of me...only 1 pic of myself...hehe! :p

 This was just the beginning...still 'sap sap water'.

 Going higher and tougher...spiderman & spiderwomen.

 These look scarier...basically we were just walking on ropes, planks, & tyres all the time. 

 Towards the end of the course....and the ending was to jump down. =)

Nishanti, LaiLi, & JiaRong in action

This is how the 'pro' does it

 Spent about an hour finishing the whole course...then JiaRong and I decided to go for the 2nd round. Thanks to Nishanti & Laili for helping to take these pics. =)

My turn!

Yayy...mission accomplished!!! =)

Enjoying the WIND before heading back. This is IceSheffield...skating rink in there.

If you love adventures...check out Aerial Extreme @ IceSheffield!!!

Had yummylicious chinese food for lunch!! Great way to end the day. =)

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duno yyy... said...

BOSS..u realy geng lei!! Like tis u oso can won the ticket!!!! >.<