Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Billy Elliot!!!

Sept 20 (Mon): Finally...accomplished my 'mission' of watching this musical!!! =) Missed it in Broadway 1.5 years ago, so told myself that I ain't missing it this time around in West End. :p There are plenty of musicals to choose from but it was easy choice for me this time...Billy Elliot...coz it's all about ballet and Sir Elton John's music. =)

The ticket counter opens at 10.30am but I arrived earlier to grab the discounted tickets. There were also other people queuing there already...shows how 'laku' this show is yea. :p I was the first to get the ticket so managed to get it for £19.50 (compared to normal price of £60)...and I got a pretty good seat too. My seat was supposed to be 'restricted view' but I thought it was good...3rd row from the stage and I could see all the cast clearly. This show was not so much about effects or lighting so being near to the stage was greattt.

Thought I was running late so took the tube to Victoria station...but still managed to arrive about half an hour before the show started. 

Inside Victoria Palace Theatre...nice!!! It was Monday and the theatre was 'full house'...this show is still so popular even though it's been running for more than 5 years...impressive! :) See how near I was to the stage...could see every details...lol! :p 

I was busy taking self-portrait while waiting so the Argentinian lady sitting beside me offered to help me take a pic...lol!

Of course we weren't allowed to take pic or video of the performance so here's a glimpse of the show. "Electricity" by Liam Mower (one of the first Billys)

The show started off with Scott Mckenzie as Billy Elliot. Googled yesterday and found out that he's a new Billy...his debut performance was on Sept 6th.  

But half way through the show...a stage crew came out and said that Billy was not feeling well so the show had to stop for a few minutes...hmm...that was random. 

After a few minutes, the stage crew came out again and say that Scott McKenzie will be replaced by Aaron Watson for the rest of the show. Aaron appeared on Britain's Got Talent in 2009.

Not bad though...got to see 2 Billys perform in one show. :p Aaron Watson (left) & Scott McKenzie (right).

Good show!! =)

The show lasted for 3 hours and ended at 10.30pm. This show was definitely worth the price. =)

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