Friday, September 17, 2010

Time To Say Goodbye ~~

I’m typing this in the bus on my way from Sheffield to London. Finally finished my last exam as an undergrad yesterday…then was busy bidding goodbye, ‘feasting’, and packing till this morning. August flew by too quickly…was overloaded and stressed with assignments and exams almost for the entire month….and now its mid-September already. Vacating my room today marked the end of our 3-monoths summer course here…time flies indeed.

It suddenly struck me yesterday that from now onwards, I’m no longer a student…a term that I’ve been using for the past 18 years. Well, that doesn’t mean that I won’t be learning and studying anymore…it’s just that it’s now time to step out to the real world and WORK.

Reflecting my life as a student, I would say that it has been filled with ups and downs…but it’s been a great ride overall. Lotsa hard work had been put in and I’m glad that most of it turned out well. I know I’m not the smartest person and there are a lot of things that I didn’t do well, but I hope that what I’ve done and achieved over the years can make my parents proud and happy. They deserve all the credits for shaping me as who I am today. :) Honestly, I’m really impressed by my parents’ parenting skills. Now that we’ve all graduated…I would say that they’ve done an absolutely brilliant job in bringing us up. Definitely role model parents in my heart…I doubt I can be as successful as them when I have kids in the future…lol!! :p

Lotsa thoughts have been running through my mind lately…especially thinking about what’s in stored for me in the future. Sometimes I ponder, we worked so hard studying, trying to excel and pass exams…just so that we can secure a job that requires us to work even harder like a dog (you know what I mean)…and hoping that we can enjoy life someday? This equation doesn’t really seem right…is this what we really want in life? Perhaps this is not so much about interest or passion anymore…it’s more about self-esteem and self-actualisation. I’m now on a crossroad, don’t know which path I’ll choose yet, but I’ll probably end up on this route as well. =.= At least I’m consciously reminding myself to think ‘is this really what I want’, and this is definitely gonna influence whatever decisions that I’ll make. Many people forgot to ask themselves this question and let others influence and decide their future…that’s sad.

Time to wrap up…I’ll have loads to update after this but not sure if I’ll have the time coz will be on-the-go for one whole month. Special thanks to mom & dad for the generous sponsor of this ‘graduation trip’. =) 

Here’s my adventure for the next 4 weeks:
Sept 17-21: London
Sept 22-25: Scotland
Sept 26-30: Spain
Oct 2-5: France
Oct 6: Monaco
Oct 7: PisaFlorence
Oct 8: Rome
Oct 9: Vatican City
Oct 10-11: Venice
Oct 12-13: Switzerland
Oct 14: Germany
Oct 15-16: Amsterdam
Oct 17: Belgium
Oct 19: MALAYSIA!!

Enough of words...time for some pictures!!

Exam craziness...papers here, papers there, papers everywhere!!

Putting my packing skills to test AGAIN!!

Our usual food inventories...'icebergs' in the!

Last day in Sheffield Hallam University

Walking the route that we've been walking for the past 3 months for the last time.

Joshua, Shalinni & JiaRong left for their Europe trip earlier. Thanks guys for all the memories of Flat 51...till we meet again!! 

Time to say goodbye...

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