Saturday, September 18, 2010

Baggage Adventures

Sept 17: The title says it all...WeyShin & I had an 'adventurous' trip down to London today. Had some interesting baggage issues in London...

Our huge & heavy luggages...mine's the one in the middle + a backpack. Luckily we took a cab to the bus station.

Took National Express from Sheffield to London. 

We reached London at 5pm...10 minutes behind schedule due to the massive jam. What good timing for us to arrive...Friday + after work rush hour + the Pope is in London so lotsa roads closed = many people & vehicles. We got off at Victoria coach station...pulled our bags to the underground big deal yet. 

Waited for WeyShin to get the Oyster card while watching the crowd buzzing across the station...then looked for the underground to take the tube. Then we saw a stairs to go down to the platform...and I asked the guy if there's a lift...and he said 'NO'. Wait a lift??? I thought London should be a city big enough to be handicap friendly like the subway in New York...but well obviously not! 

So I was looking at our bags...staring at the stairs...strategizing how 2 girls can move those heavy luggages down. Worse still...there were so many people going up and down the stairs. =.= So WeyShin watched the bags up there...while I carried the bags down. Problem is there were only 2 of us...nobody can watch the bag at the gotta juz leave it there. Don't think anyone can steal those heavy bags...can't even run with!!

There were 3 stairs altogether from Victoria station to Bayswater...2 down 1 up. First one there was a kind guy in suit who offered to help with the heaviest bag...but the 2nd stairs I had to carry both the heavy ones...I thought I was gonna tumble down the stairs. =.=

We finally reached Bayswater station and dragged all those bags for bout 15 minutes to get to my cousin's place...of course had to stop dunno how many times in btwn coz was too tiring. Now my back and biceps are was definitely a good workout to burn some calories. =.= 

Luckily we still arrived in one piece...Well Done to us...2 crazy 'siao cha boh'!! Gonna be going to Scotland & Barcelona ourselves...all those documents are for the trains, buses, hostels for this adventure.

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