Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Weekend in Cardiff - Day 3

Aug 9 (Mon): Last day in Cardiff
Finally...last post to wrap up my Cardiff & Bath trip. Spent our last day walking around the city ourselves. Denise reminded us not to get on the 'valley' bus and we really got on one...dumb dumb us. =.= But at least we still managed to find our way! :p And 'lucky' us, it was raining all day so was a lil' blue skies for all the pics coz it was gloomy.

Cardiff Millennium crazy face expression in the jump shot. :p

Cardiff Castle

Went on the castle tour and was given an audio guide...was too busy taking pics so didn't really bother to listen to all the explanations...whoops! :p

Walking around the Wartime Tunnels...looks eerie huh! :p

Garden behind the castles...took these from the castle windows.

The Norman only I know the name of this round thing coz I'm looking at the brochure. :p

Walking along the Battlement's like a walkway around the 'top floor' of the castle. (omg what a lousy description =.=)

More pictures of the surroundings of the castle from the Battlement Walk

Whoops...again! :p Looks like I'm hanging down from the tree with 3 strings attached to my legs and!

Visited the Castle Apartments. Don't rmb the name of this room...something Arab I think.

The Banqueting Hall...nice Victorian style design. :)

The Library

Outside the Castle Apartments

Front view of the Norman Keep...jump shots again...yea I know I'm crazy. :p

Going up the Norman Keep

View from the first floor

Climbing up these stairs...luckily it wasn't high.

View from the top floor

The miserable rainy cold!

Few more pictures before we left the castle.

End of holiday...time to get back to work. :( Byebye's been a great weekend!! Thanks to uncle Hoe and Denise again for such a lovely weekend...really appreciate it!! :) Cya'll back in M'sia!!

Sunset along our journey

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