Thursday, February 18, 2010


2nd day of CNY is usually the most tiring day for us coz we'll spend the whole day 'house-hopping' visiting dad's aunts & uncles. This time around, I think we broke our own 'house-hopping marathon' record...hehe...8 relatives' houses in a day...pretty good achievement! Plus...the weather was so freakin' hotttt these few days!!

Basically, we do the same thing in every, drink, talk, and get angpao. I even lost count of the number of Yeo's drinks I've had in a day...hehe!! The adults are the ones who did most of the talking and it's great coz my aunts are humourous...lotsa laughters & noises...but I love the atmosphere! =)

Watched a family gathering video at 五姨婆‘s house...very funny. =)

四姨婆's house...another round of a magic show.

三姨婆's house...camwhoring...haha!! :p


Hong CN said...

I will join you all next year :-) Missed out the fun due to two little monsters :-) said...

Hehe..u missed out lots of laughter this year. Next time bring 'em as well yea! =)