Monday, December 3, 2012


Been pretty busy with work lately (dgp-fied) and rushing to complete all my work before mid-December so here's a quick update of what I was up to in the month of November.

11 November 2012: CRC Swimming Gala...our annual family event. =P We get to have fun, spend time with family, and win lotsa goodies...that's why we keep coming back year after year for this!

17 November 2012: Mom's B-day. 

24 November 2012: MICPASS Netball competition quarter-finals. Weather was perfect during the first-half but it started pouring during the second-half so we ended up playing in the rain. We won the game but got ourselves drenched. 

25 November 2012: Continued with semi-finals the next morning under the scorching hot sun. We lost the semis but we've done our best and it was a great game. =) 

Our awesome team...rain or girls have done an awesome job!!! Thank y'all for all your efforts and a great game!! Let's strive to do better next year!! 

Thanks to all the supporters who came to support us!!! =)

1 December 2012: MICPASS Hiking competition.

1 December 2012: MICPASS dinner at Hard Rock Hotel. It's a wrap for all the sporting events this year. Time to take a break from badminton, netball, and hiking till one year!!