Saturday, May 30, 2009


29 May 2009: 《越来越爱》飞轮海签唱会 @ Juru Autocity, 9.30pm  

Yeahhh....I'm back in action for Fahrenheit & WuChun...hahaha!! This was the first time they came to Penang for the promotion of their album. I wasn't planning to attend at first, but since I came back home this weekend...bro got me 2 tickets and accompanied me to go...woohoo~!! So far, I've been to all their events in Malaysia apart from their concert during March coz I was still in happy to see 'em again this time around...still 'leng zai' as usual...haha!! :p 

We got there earlier and since there was an empty spot right beside the stage, we decided to juz wait there and not squeeze with other people. I'd rather see them near from the side than squeezing in the middle. We really got a good spot to watch!!

4 of 'em performed 3 songs and also played games with some lucky fans. Too bad WuChun was standing on the other side of the stage most of the time. At least we still got a good glimpse of all of 'em...hehe!! :p

Notice WuChun & Aaron squatting on the stage? Both of 'em kept goin' to the back of the stage to get near the fan and wipe off their sweat. Haha...welcome to Malaysia...we're 'hottt'!! :p

p.s. I wasn't the one screaming...there were many other 'kids' around...haha!!


More videos taken by others at:

Time To Get Serious??

Yeaaa....after 'hibernating' my brain for a year...itz time to get back serious with studies. Classes started last Monday and it marked the beginning of a challenging year ahead. I'm not exaggerating, just look at any AFA2 students during exam season...all you can see are 'zombies'...hehe!! One of my lecturers 'warned' us during the first lecture..."To go through AFA2, you'll have to be very strong physically, mentally, and emotionally". We're already overloaded with tutorials after the first week of classes...wth! Taking 3 subjects this semester...each with 8 hours of classes per week...24 hours!?!? Itz double the amount of classes that I had in US!!! No fun!! :(

This time, Rachel & I are the 'special' ones coz we are the only 2 who deferred our studies for a year and came back to join the juniors. Out of 320 students, I only know few of the juniors...I'm 'nobody' pity! :p Last year, I attended classes at the beginning of the semester and I got to know some of the lecturers and tutors. The lecturers have changed this year, but at least 2 out of 3 still remembered me. Well...I don't know if that's a good thing though...coz asked me to go to the front of the lecture to answer a question...and I've totally forgotten what I memorized a year ago!! Oh my 'siasui'! :p

Our lecture hall was so full....320 students!! I've never noticed that the way I write looks so weird...hahaha!!

We're the 'special ones...Global UGRAD Exchange Alumni...hahaha!! 

Met up with friends for Christine's birthday...glad to see 'em again!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Leavin' Home...Again!! :(

My UGRAD journey had ended and it's time to get back to reality. I had been enjoying myself so much for the past year...didn't really had to worry about studies at all...that's why itz gonna be even harder for me to get back to the pace of ACCA. 

One year ago, I knew that I was gonna leave for US for this exchange program even before the new semester started. So after my internship & Phuket trip with my family, I came back to college with a completely different feeling....I would say...'stress free'...coz I knew that I was gonna defer my 2nd year anyway. In fact, I could have just went back home and 'goyang kaki' for 2 months but due to my responsibilites in the course, I decided to stay back longer. 

At that time, not many people knew that I was leavin' to I just went to class as usual...did my job as Course Rep...and continued my job as the Chairperson in Financial Accounting Society. Itz always super busy at the beginning of a new semester....especially as a course rep...but since I didn't really have to stress on made things a lil' easier. It also gave me more time to organize the ACCA Student Conference...I'm sure I would have passed out if I had to cope with studies at the same time. This time, I'm finally 'jobless'...itz a good thing least I'll have more time to focus on studies.

Mom & dad accompanied me to move down to KL last weekend...back to the same place I left a year ago. I'm staying at the same apartment...same room...everything felt so familiar. But at the same time...I feel weird...coz everything's gonna be different for me. Back to the same old place...but starting everything from zero again...itz a completely new life for me compared to the first year I came to KL. My roommates had moved back to coursemates are all graduating...I juz feel lonely. :( 

Had some yummy-licious food with mom and dad in KL

Before I came back, mom helped me to settle the rental of my room and also helped me to look for roommates. She has really done a lot for me and I really appreciate it. When I moved outta this house last year, it was still quite clean and neat....but not so after a year. Mom and dad really helped me a lot to clean the house and room, and organized my stuffs over the weekend. It might take me more than a week to do all these alone. Of course I also helped...I'm not the lazy one. :p 

Before: Messy...dusty...dirty

After: All clean and neat...I likey likey!!

All thanks to Mommy & Daddy!!! Muaksss!!!

Mom and Dad took a bus back on Sunday afternoon...I really appreciate everything that they've done for me...thank y'all soooo muchie!!! Love y'all!! My roommates will move in next week so I'm all by myself in the room this week. :( I miss home!!! 

2 Weeks Home...ONLY?!?! :(

I spent less than 2 weeks at home after coming back from US...coz school started today and had to move down to Kuala Lumpur last weekend. Plus...I had jet lag so took bout 3-4 days for me to adjust one week gone!!! Hadn't had time to meet up with friends yet coz wanted to spend more time with my family...I had been away for 9 months and now that I'm back...I only got to spend 2 weeks with them...wth!! 

May 15 (Fri): Dad's friend came back to Penang from Australia for vacation so we met up with them for lunch and also went to RedBox for karaoke. The last time they came back was 10 years ago so had lots to catch up...bro & I juz accompanied and listened to all the interesting stories...haha!! 

May 17 (Sun): Uncle Thean Kee & his wife invited mom & I to Bayview Beach Hotel for buffet was such a good timing for me to try so many food that I've missed for the last 9 months all at once....oh yeah!!! Finally had a haircut too after 9 months....juz a lil' here is too hot!!!

May 16 (Sat): Even though I was away from home for 9 doesn't feel that long though. Everything still feels so familiar! Comin' back to the same place...doin' the same thing...felt like it was juz yesterday when I was here! Every Saturday is our family time...especially when I'm back from KL....I'll follow mom & dad to Chinese Recreation Club (CRC) to hang out. Dad plays table tennis & mom swims while I online at the lounge...go for dinner together...then sing karaoke till 12am...our usual routine every Saturday for the past few years...hehe!! It's nice to come back and do all these again.

May 17 (Sun): Mom & Dad has been learning singing for a few months...juz for fun...and they had a choir performance in conjunction with Mother's & Father's Day. Grandma, bro & I went to watch and support them...haha!! It was fun watching all those 'adults' singing...they are not 'pros' but everyone enjoyed themselves coz they were all there because they liked singing!!  

May 18 (Mon): Another family gathering....seafood dinner at Tambun....yummy yummy!!! Seems like I've been eating a lot since I came back!! That's normal larr....Penang is heaven for food ma!! :p

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Home Sweet Home!!

Yes...I'm finally back home. Everything felt familiar...9 months didn't seem that long anyway. Oh by the way...people back home have been asking us about H1N1 flu...coz we came back from America!! Itz okay for them to ask...coz to me, itz not a big deal at all...even in the US...but I'll be pissed when the first thing they ask is...'do you have swine flu'? C' doesn't spread so easily....and we're not having any symptoms...and we're not on the MH 091 flight...haha!! 

Anyway...back to topic...hehe!! My friend asked me what's the first thing I'll do when I arrive...I said....EAT...hahaha!!! Before we head back to Penang, we visited 2nd aunt in Bangsar and she treated us yummylicious dimsum for lunch...oh was soooo gooood!!!

Our sumptuous Dim Sum lunch

Arrived home after 4 hours drive...I slept all the way....hahahaha!! My room looked neat huh...I created a disaster with all my stuffs after that to unpack & repack my things...haha!! :p

Part of the 'unpacking' process...messed up the living room as well...haha!! 8 luggages...what can you expect?? I 'played' with the football that bro brought well on my head...haha!!

All the things that we bought...I was surprised we actually bought so many things!!! Including some souvenirs of course. Bro took so many books back while I was cracking my head on packing everything into my luggage....ahhhh!!!

Goodbye US...Long Journey Back Home...

10 May 2009:
Finally...9 months of my UGRAD journey is finally over...& it is time to say goodbye. I'm on my journey back home...37 hours of traveling to the other side of the world, back to where I belong. 6 airports, 5 planes, 4 transits...Huntsville-Atlanta-Chicago-HongKong-Singapore-Kuala Lumpur...indeed a loooong journey! Looking back at what i've done & achieved over the past 9 months, it still feels so surreal that I was actually in the US experiencing this amazing once-in-a-lifetime journey.

Dr Pottenger, Anita, Daniel & Anna came to the airport at 4.30am to send me off.

The moment I got on the plane in Huntsville this morning, it marked the end of my UGRAD journey here in University of Alabama in Huntsville, Alabama. I've been saying goodbye to my friends whoe left earlier but when it comes to my turn to say goodbye and walk into the check-point this morning, I was emotional...saying goodbye had never been so hard for me. I can't stop my tears from falling when it was time to leave coz after these goodbye hugs, I don't know when will be the next time I'll come back to this place and see all these familiar faces. It can be a year, 5 years...or even longer. 

1. Huntsville-Atlanta (1 hour): Goodbye was hard to say goodbye...

The hardest part was leaving my baby, we've shared so many sweet memories together and I can't imagine not having him by my side anymore. :( From the very beginning, I knew that I'll be here for only 9 months, never expected that so much emotions and feelings would grow within this short period of time. 

Long journey to the other side of the world...37 hours of traveling!!

2. Atlanta-Chicago (2 hours): Was rushing during the transit in Atlanta due to the delay in Huntsville...pheww!! View of Chicago from the air.

3. Chicago-HongKong (15 hours): Met up with bro at Chicago and took the same flight all the way to Singapore. 15 freakin' hours...and I didn't get to sleep much!, that were all I did!! We were 'lucky' to travel during H1N1 epidemic, bro wore that mask for 5 minutes only and he was suffocating already...hahaha!!!

Finally arrived HongKong for 3 hours' transit...the airport is niceee!!!

Nice sunset view from the airport

Enjoying our dinner & using wifi while waiting for our next flight

4. HongKong-Singapore (3.5 hours): This flight was not full so we had more space to sleep...haha!! 

Spent the night at Singapore Changi Airport transit hotel...this airport is really coool!! 

5. Singapore-Kuala Lumpur (1 hour): Finally...the lastttt flight!!! Took pic of the workers unloading my bag...haha!!

Arrived KLIA with our huge & dad picked us up & we managed to squeeze all our things into the car...hahaha!!

Final Week in Huntsville

I extended my stay in US for 10 more days coz I wanted to fly back on the same day as bro. I moved outta the dorm on 30th & stayed with Anna & Daniel for the last few days. I almost finished packing all my things when I moved out from the dorm so I had time to relax & enjoy my last 10 days in Huntsville. It was good that I extended my stay, at least I didn't have to rush through everything right after final exams. I also got to spend more time with Anna, Daniel, & their family.

2-3 May 2009: Moving to Daniel's new house
My baby bought a new house in Madison so we all helped him to move all his stuffs to his new house during the weekends. Anna & Donna also spent the weekend painting Anna's bedroom & bathroom at his house. As for me, I just helped whatever I can...haha...I am the pro in packing & unpacking things! 

Family bonding was nice to see everyone in the family working together...can feel the warmth in the house...hehe!!

7 May 2009: Farewell Dinner with the family
Donna & Donny gave me a farewell dinner at PF Chang's earlier because they were leavin' for Florida the next day & won't be in town when I leave. As I mentioned in my previous post, their family have been a big part of my life here in the US. They were like my family here in US & spending time with them made me feel like home. Words can't express my gratitude to all the love & care that I've received from them...I'm gonna miss them!!

Thank you so much for everything...hope to see y'all again in the near future!! That 'cute' picture was drawn by me...I've never learnt drawing so I guess this is 'acceptable' right?? Hehe!! :p

Went shopping with Nana, Donna, & Anna...all the 'NA-s'...hehehe!!! Anna made me try on the dress in Banana Republic...the dress was beautiful!!

My last trip to Bridge Street...the full moon was so bright!! Everytime I see a full moon...I'll be thinking of everyone of them on the other side of the world...looking at the same moon...missing y'all!! 

8 May 2009: Brewfest in Rocket City
Anna & I followed Daniel to the first brewfest in Huntsville. I don't drink so I just went there to watch & enjoy the atmosphere. Many different types of beers were served and I didn't know most of them...haha!!! We didn't stay long coz baby didn't want me to be too tired.
Our last outing together...:(

Friday, May 15, 2009

Goodbye Ooiiee!!

Uyanga flew to LA a day before I flew home...3 of us extended our stay so we were the last 3 to go home. Anna & I woke up early that morning to send her off at the airport. I still remembered that I was the one who helped her to check into her room when she first arrived. Among all other sponsored students, I was closer to her perhaps coz we share a lot in common. Both of us are business students, like dancing, play piano, & likes taking pictures. I was her 'manager' when she had dance performance...gave her morning call...went for lunch & dinner together...had guitar class together...went to bank together...etc. Throughout these 9 months...we've done a lot of things together and all these are gonna be in my memories. She's going back to Mongolia to continue her studies & pursue her dream as a dancer...all the best!! I don't know if we're ever gonna meet again...but do stay in touch...Miss C!!! :p

Dr Pottenger, Ms Anita, Htet, Thy, Anna & I went to the airport 

UAH Memories - Part 3

Last Days on Campus
Spent some time walking around campus after final exams. I spent so much time on campus for 9 months. Life in UAH is so much different from life in TAR College...much more laid back & relaxed. I couldn't drive so my transportation on campus was either by bicycle or walk. I was very lazy to walk coz I felt that it was a waste of time to walk when I can go faster by bike...hehe!! 

The Office of International Programs. I'm gonna miss riding my bike through the bumpy roads all the way here to bug Ms Anita with all my documentations...hahaha!!!

Enjoying the Spring scenery on my bike 

Salmon library, University Center, Shelby Center & Roberts Hall

The Business Administration Building. Had all my business classes here. I only had classes at 3 buildings throughout 2 semesters...Morton Hall (Japanese, Business Writing), Roberts Hall (Music Tech, Guitar), & BAB

Helped out with recording project for Music Tech class 

Night view & full moon

UAH Memories - Part 2

Since the day I arrived, my dorm had been the place where I spent most of my time. I was really surprised when I first saw my room & was way better than what I expected. Coz in Malaysia, dorms are not that nice. Here in North Campus Residence Hall, 4 person share a suite and each of us have a single room. Our suite is like an apartment, we have a living room, a small kitchen, 2 bathrooms, 2 toilets, & 4 basins in every suites. I was really lucky coz most dorms in other universities are twin-sharing & share a common bathroom. Besides, I had a good roommie so it was even better...I loveeee my rooom!!! 

My lovely room...I'm gonna miss it!! Had to clean everything and move all my things out before leaving.

My comfortable bed...teddy bear bedsheets & comforter...hehe!! I had to use 3 blankets coz it was too cold...I bet I'll pass out if I did the same thing here in Malaysia...haha!! 

My contantly occupied & messy table. I'm so used to having 24/7 internet connection...the very first thing I do when I wake up & the last thing I do before going to bed is turning on & off the computer...hahaha!! :p

My cupboard is considered quite neat...especially after laundry.

Side, clock radio & coffee machine...all my daily essentials.

Look at the mess that I created in my room when I was packing my was not an easy task putting everything into my limited luggage space. I didn't know that I've accumulated so many things within 9 months!! I don't even remember how many times I repeated the process of 'packing-unpacking-repacking'!!!

NCRH dorm...niceee!!

Haha...our sink was never empty!! I don't know if itz the culture here...wash the plates only when you wanna use it!!

I only have 5 things on my lens, solution, retainer, toothbrush & toothpaste.

So gonna miss this place!!