Saturday, May 16, 2009

Final Week in Huntsville

I extended my stay in US for 10 more days coz I wanted to fly back on the same day as bro. I moved outta the dorm on 30th & stayed with Anna & Daniel for the last few days. I almost finished packing all my things when I moved out from the dorm so I had time to relax & enjoy my last 10 days in Huntsville. It was good that I extended my stay, at least I didn't have to rush through everything right after final exams. I also got to spend more time with Anna, Daniel, & their family.

2-3 May 2009: Moving to Daniel's new house
My baby bought a new house in Madison so we all helped him to move all his stuffs to his new house during the weekends. Anna & Donna also spent the weekend painting Anna's bedroom & bathroom at his house. As for me, I just helped whatever I can...haha...I am the pro in packing & unpacking things! 

Family bonding was nice to see everyone in the family working together...can feel the warmth in the house...hehe!!

7 May 2009: Farewell Dinner with the family
Donna & Donny gave me a farewell dinner at PF Chang's earlier because they were leavin' for Florida the next day & won't be in town when I leave. As I mentioned in my previous post, their family have been a big part of my life here in the US. They were like my family here in US & spending time with them made me feel like home. Words can't express my gratitude to all the love & care that I've received from them...I'm gonna miss them!!

Thank you so much for everything...hope to see y'all again in the near future!! That 'cute' picture was drawn by me...I've never learnt drawing so I guess this is 'acceptable' right?? Hehe!! :p

Went shopping with Nana, Donna, & Anna...all the 'NA-s'...hehehe!!! Anna made me try on the dress in Banana Republic...the dress was beautiful!!

My last trip to Bridge Street...the full moon was so bright!! Everytime I see a full moon...I'll be thinking of everyone of them on the other side of the world...looking at the same moon...missing y'all!! 

8 May 2009: Brewfest in Rocket City
Anna & I followed Daniel to the first brewfest in Huntsville. I don't drink so I just went there to watch & enjoy the atmosphere. Many different types of beers were served and I didn't know most of them...haha!!! We didn't stay long coz baby didn't want me to be too tired.
Our last outing together...:(

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