Friday, May 15, 2009

UAH Memories - Part 3

Last Days on Campus
Spent some time walking around campus after final exams. I spent so much time on campus for 9 months. Life in UAH is so much different from life in TAR College...much more laid back & relaxed. I couldn't drive so my transportation on campus was either by bicycle or walk. I was very lazy to walk coz I felt that it was a waste of time to walk when I can go faster by bike...hehe!! 

The Office of International Programs. I'm gonna miss riding my bike through the bumpy roads all the way here to bug Ms Anita with all my documentations...hahaha!!!

Enjoying the Spring scenery on my bike 

Salmon library, University Center, Shelby Center & Roberts Hall

The Business Administration Building. Had all my business classes here. I only had classes at 3 buildings throughout 2 semesters...Morton Hall (Japanese, Business Writing), Roberts Hall (Music Tech, Guitar), & BAB

Helped out with recording project for Music Tech class 

Night view & full moon

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