Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wu Chun~~!!

Finally got this pic!! Yeah~~!!

This is the only photo that I got from the fans gathering with Wu Chun....haha...I'm standing right beside him!! By the way, check out 'Zhong Guo Bao' on June 26...this photo was also on it...they used it for 'find the difference'...hehe!!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

JSPO rockss~!!

Band Formation Competition, Penang City Stadium, 16 June 2007

Jit Sin High School...Champion again~~!!

Nice Formations!!

The winning team...smiles of Victory!!

It has been 3 years since I left secondary school...itz kinda unbelievable that time passes by so fast!! Seeing our juniors performing in the state competition yesterday really brings back lots of memories of those days when we were one of those kids marching on the field. Really can't imagine that I could stand the afternoon sun...marching with just a cap on my head and getting so tanned last i would never do anything like that anymore now!!

Our school band has really improved a lot as compared to us 3 years the brand new uniform that looked so cool...I can say that they are the most outstanding team among all!! We...the ex-members of the school band...all in white shirts went to give our full support to our juniors. We were all so nervous when they were performing but I was indeed amazed by them!! Horn part is now using the new marching horn and not the French Horn that we used to use last time. The last time when we got champion for the 1st time 3 years ago, our juniors were still in Form 2...and now...they are all Form 5 already and Zhi Feng is the president too...

This is the 4th consecutive year that our school band won the title and this year is even better, they 'swept' all the awards (best preparation, best drum major and champion)....Fabulous!! Hope that I can go to Bukit Jalil on July 8 to support them in the national competition!! Well done guys!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Home Sweet Home!!

I'm Back!! 14 June 2007

Yeah...I'm back to Penang for the 1st time...but juz 3 weeks was over.. Took a bus from Pudu in the evening and reached home around 10 something...what a long day!! The 1st thing that i did when i reached home...had dinner that mum cooked...yummy!! Actually,we purposely came back this week coz itz Father's Day...even though i still haven't planned how to celebrate yet...

Well,it has been 3 weeks in KL and what could I say...hmm...time passes by quite fast and itz great to see everything falling into places day after day... From appointing class reps, contacting supplier, selling text books, distributing bills & scholarship letters, collecting money, getting the name list...PHEW...finally...everything is almost done!! And thanks to all the course committee and class reps who have been so cooperative and you guys really helped me a lot!!! You guys have given me a great start here in this brand new place!! Hope that we can know each other better in future!!

I still haven't done my tutorials and I've still gotta prepare for the roleplay next week...OMG...I'm not sure whether I can finish them or not yet... I've been quite happy for the past week...of course...itz because I've got my results and ranked quite well in my course.. I'm looking forward to our convo on 7 July 2007...nice date huh?? It will be great to be back and meet some of my friends back in Penang...Yeah!!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

1st weekend ~ Bukit Bintang!!

Exhausted!! Berjaya Times Square & Sg Wang~~!! 2 June 2007

Itz my 1st weekend here in KL and peizhi already can't wait to go shopping... So we went to Berjaya Times Square and Sg Wang from 2pm til 8 something!! I departed from Bangsar all alone...took a cab...then took the monorail all the way to times square.. And I'm 'sui' enough coz there was some 'technical problem' with the monorail today so had to wait and it was so damn took me more than half an hour from kl sentral to reach times square...OMG!! But i'm glad that i managed to get there and believe it or not...i'm proud of myself for being able to be more independent within such a short period!! Hehe...!! was yunwan and peizhi who were doing the shopping. SinEu & I was like a 'bodyguard' following wherever they go..and there were quite a lot of people since it was weekend... I'm back at Berjaya Times Square again this week...1 week is over but it was juz like yesterday that I saw WuChun was really a memorable experience for me and I guess I'll always remember that whenever I come back to Times Square!!

We had our dinner after spending the whole afternoon walking around...and truth...I'm exhausted!! Yeah i know...girls are supposed to love shopping but...I guess I'm the only one excluded...hehe!! Reached home around 9 something...refreshed myself with a shower and itz time to get a good night's rest.. Gotta spend some time to study 2moro lo... :)

Friday, June 1, 2007

Result's Out~~!!!

Yeah~!! HAPPY~!!!

Wow...seems long that i haven't been able to on9 even though itz juz like 6 days... Haih..mum doesn't want to let me use the internet here...too bad!!

Haha...I didn't have any classes today and aunt asked me to come over to her house these few days coz she won't be around. So...this afternoon...I took a bus and lrt and took 1.5 hours to reach her place...hehe...kinda amazing coz itz very rare for me to travel on public transport all alone!! Well...gonna be staying here till Tuesday...but luckily...I can use the internet here...tatz GREAT!!

Have been quite busy settling the order for the text books yesterday and today...busy busy busy...and I don't know how to do my tutorials...HELP~~!! So far...after being elected as the course rep...there have been quite a lot of things that I have to do and there's a lot for me to learn...but I find that the students and lecturers here are very friendly and helpful and that really makes me feel GOOD!!

And one more thing...know why I'm sooo happy tonight?? Guess what...juz got my result's for my last semester of diploma....hehe....4.0!! And the best thing...yunwan and peizhi also got 4.0!! Hope we can get book prize together!! And one more thing...hope that I can get the UNSW scholarship...but now...I'm having dilemma that I've got a good start here...I'm not sure whether i should go or not!!! Haih....

2nd day!!

2nd day in KL, 29 May 2007

It the 2nd day of college and so far…everything’s still okay. Woke up quite late this morning… Attended another lecture this a’noon and I can’t believe I’m already feeling a bit bored during the 1st lesson!! Since yesterday, I’m feeling that itz kinda pressure to go to college coz I really completely have no idea of what I’m supposed to do as the course rep!! Why why why?? I’m from Penang branch and why am I doing this here?!?!? Everything’s still not confirmed yet and thatz why we can’t do lots of things yet…haih!! I hope the lecturer won’t be mad coz we don’t have the text books tomorrow…=.= Luckily, the other 3 guys are still able to help out since they have been in KL campus for the past 2 years…so they know a lot more than me!!

Went for work out at the gym downstairs this evening and also went for swimming with YunWan. Feels good to sweat!! Nothing much to do yet these few days coz we haven’t got our notes and books…so can’t study much yet.

First Day of Advanced Diploma!!

First Day of Advanced Diploma in KL!! 28 May 2007

Itz kinda unbelievable that I’m already in KL now… Mum, dad n bro just went back yesterday and I’ve spent almost one day in this brand new place! Well…I personally felt that our room is very comfortable and our house also looks more like a home than a hostel…nice environment… So far, everything has been smooth and great..3 of us have been getting along very well!!

This morning we took a bus to college and we reached there earlier…so waited till 11am for our lecture. It was like a totally new place for us but luckily I still know roughly where I should go coz I came here before…but there’s still many places and things which I still don’t know...I guess I’ll have to take some time to explore..hehe!! We were given a short briefing at the beginning of the lecture and our seniors were here to elect the new course committee for year 1 Financial Accounting. Guess what, I was ‘lucky’ enough to be elected as the course representative…L And the assistant course rep, treasurer and printing manager were all guys…OMG!! HELP~~I don’t know what I’m supposed to do!!

Had one short lecture for biz tax and went home at 1pm…The rest of the day…stayed at home and haha…saw Chun & Danson’s newx on 8864 this afternoon & finally get to watch HanaKimi on 8tv today!!