Friday, June 1, 2007

2nd day!!

2nd day in KL, 29 May 2007

It the 2nd day of college and so far…everything’s still okay. Woke up quite late this morning… Attended another lecture this a’noon and I can’t believe I’m already feeling a bit bored during the 1st lesson!! Since yesterday, I’m feeling that itz kinda pressure to go to college coz I really completely have no idea of what I’m supposed to do as the course rep!! Why why why?? I’m from Penang branch and why am I doing this here?!?!? Everything’s still not confirmed yet and thatz why we can’t do lots of things yet…haih!! I hope the lecturer won’t be mad coz we don’t have the text books tomorrow…=.= Luckily, the other 3 guys are still able to help out since they have been in KL campus for the past 2 years…so they know a lot more than me!!

Went for work out at the gym downstairs this evening and also went for swimming with YunWan. Feels good to sweat!! Nothing much to do yet these few days coz we haven’t got our notes and books…so can’t study much yet.

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