Monday, February 16, 2009

Pending Updates.... blog is getting dull...haven't been updating much lately. Just browsed thru my pics and realized that I've left out so many updates for the past 2 months!! Anyway, I've managed to get all the pics sorted out and posted a quick update of what I've been up to.

20 Dec 2008: Christmas celebration with Anna & Daniel's family

20 Dec 2008: Girls' night out at Lonestar Steakhouse

22 Dec 2008: Bro came over to UAH...we went for lunch with Daniel at Zaxby's

4 Jan 2009: Christmas presents from Daniel and Anna

4 Jan 2009: Spring semester gathering with OIPS and all sponsored students

9 Jan 2009: Dinner with Daniel at Shogun

15 Jan 2009: Ex-FAS online gathering...interesting discussion...'bat gua-ing'...haha!! That's why certain parts were censored by me.

21 Jan 2009: Finally got all the books for the Spring sem...i like receiving packages..haha!! See those ACCA books...i only touched 1 so far...waste energy to bring here.

22 Jan 2009: Helped out in the Culture of the Chamber event with Angel

23 Jan 2009: Visit to Daniel's workplace...HudsonAlpha Institute of Biotech...very nice place!! :) 

7 Feb 2009: UAH Wind, Jazz & Choir Concert

Foooood~!! Had chinese food also!!