Thursday, April 3, 2008

I'm Lovin' My Intern Life...Really!!!

Our office's pantry...luv the 'platinum' coffee machine...making drinks have never been simpler!!

See how we messed up client's office..Haha!! That whole stack of files are juz a tiny part of my work...imagine that!!

Haha...wondering why I say so?? Be patient...juz read the lyrics below...itz in Cantonese and there might be some errors...juz ignore them..hehe!! I was extremely FREE in the office and that's why I came out with these lyrics to describe my working life as a VT in PWC...muahaha!!! :)

In fact, I wanted to upload a song here but I've been tryin for the past few days...and it juz doesn't work...damn!! Juz happened to hear that song from the radio one afternoon during work...the song is not popular but the lyrics somehow juz made me laugh...itz called 日出而作.

By the way, I've been allocated for a job for 3 weeks and finally...I've got something to do!! But...I still prefer sitting in the office coz all I've been doing for my job is just vouching and vouching and VOUCHING...!!! So tedious and boring...the photo above is not that clear...see all my writings there?? Yeah...tatz what I've been words are so freakingly eyes are popping out already!! Well...shouldn't be complaining anymore...haha...relaxed enough already...time to do some work!!! Go Go Go!!!


每日每朝早 晨早浏浏就要起身

即使唔愿意 帮人打工唔到我话事

冲个凉 吃块面包 再饮一杯牛奶

七点半 准时出门 费时迟到被人讲

好彩有咗新highway 唔使塞车猛踩brake

最衰公共交通差 对我完全冇乜用

仲系砸车方便d 不过仲要搵parking

搵到咗 至少又要俾多三筘钱

一日赚唔到几多 仲要吃饭俾parking

油价一直起起起 人工又唔跟住起

计来计去剩返唔多 打工真系惨!

好彩公司唔使打卡 压力冇咁大

开工唔到10分钟 就去pantry冲咖啡

我知对身体唔好 不过唔饮会钓鱼

咪以为冇嘢做好爽 坐住乜都唔系捻

爽系爽 不过真系无聊又好闷

得闲冇嘢做 仲要扮自己好忙

唯有睇下报纸 读下书 扮做嘢

读到钓鱼 又去pantry冲嘢饮

冲来冲去都系 kopi milo teh tarik

不知不觉白水已经饮咗 3 litre

结果咧 唔到一个钟头就要上厕所

睇来饮得最多 放得最多 非我莫属


听音乐 听电台 时间过得特别快


坐坐坐 坐完三个月一定pro

每日返工等lunch time 吃完lunch就等放工


无所谓 只要有钱赚 返工吃风我都唔介意!!