Monday, August 29, 2016

The Sister's Wedding

As mentioned in my last post, it's officially wedding season and we celebrated the sister's wedding last weekend. It was a week-long celebration starting with hubby and my back-to-back birthdays, followed by rehearsal dinner, and the big day! Somehow, August is always the 'party' month of the year. =P The professional wedding photos are not ready yet but here are some photos for this quick update before we jetset to another sibling's wedding!

Aug 16 (Tues): Celebrating hubby and my birthdays with the family.

Aug 18 (Thurs): Rehearsal Dinner

Aug 20 (Sat): Everyone looking handsome and pretty at Anna & Steven's wedding. =P

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Pre Wedding Season

Quick update before things get crazy and hectic the next few weeks. 'Un-coincidentally', both our siblings are getting married just 3 weeks apart; one in Alabama, one in Malaysia. And here are some 'pre-wedding' events over the last 3 weeks... 

July 23 (Sat): Wasn't able to make it there in person for bro's R.o.M. but thanks to SIL...we were virtually 'present' during the ceremony. =P

We were actually in the car with two dogs, on our way to pick up pizza...haha! Obviously we didn't 'dress up' for!

July 30 (Sat): Celebrated SIL's bachelorette party at the Westin. Was pretty impressed by Westin for the complimentary special congratulatory amenities (wine, snacks, and a card). Not sure if it was because of my plat status but it was definitely a good surprise. =)

Jul 31 - Aug 5: Last year, I got to travel to Chicago for training, and this year I chose to travel to Orlando for this week-long training. 

Our hotel/training was conveniently located 10 min from the outlet, and right across Disney Springs. I didn't get to visit this place during our last trip in October so it was nice to walk around this time. Was surprised to see Uniqlo there (they just opened this location in July), and ended up spending some money there...whoops!  

Dinners at the Boathouse and Morimoto Asia at Disney Springs. 

Lunches in the hotel.

And these were the 'damages' made for visiting the outlets. =P Well, not the new phone, got it free from upgrading. =)