Saturday, March 31, 2007

Test's Over!!

This semester is really short!!! Test is just over last week and we have only about 3 more weeks to go before the final exams!! Aarrghhhh....i'm still blur with Company Law....the SHARES!!!
Luckily there's only 2 subjects for this semester...and i suppose the test last week was still alright.
Next week is the due date for 2 assignments and there'll be a quiz on Tuesday....assignment is almost done but I'm still trying to memorize the sections and cases for the quiz(even though there's only 10 questions)...what a waste of energy~~!!
I've got a couple of things to settle these 2 weeks....gotta apply for a scholarship and also apply for UNSW....oopsss....I've still got an essay to write and i still have no idea of what to write!!!!

Thursday, March 29, 2007


Finally..I've got this photo!!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Result's Released!!

March 19, 10.30am
Haha...I've been anxious to get my results and finally....i've got it on Monday!!
3 of us went to get our results after the lecture...and guess wat...all 3 of us got straight As!!! Of course...I was hoping to get 4-flat all these I was really relieved to get it!!
5 ppl from our class scored straight As for this semester and it's great that 4 of us (pz,yw,yc & me) were among the would be fantastic if the 4 of us are still 2gether!! Anyway, congratulations to the 3 of you..Well friends!!
Well, it's now coming to the end of our diploma in Penang and this is already the last semester...we've got 2 more subjects to go...All the best..Good Luck...Keep Up the Good Work!!!
Hope Y2M7 will have the most students getting the book prize this year!! Gambatte!!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

LeeHom 'Heroes Of Earth' After Concert Celebration Party

March 4, 11.30pm Mandarin Oriental Hotel
Wakakaka.....Envy or not?? I'm so excited to be here!! Well..if u are wondering how I got the chance to be here...itz all about luck!! Actually, I managed to call-in and...surprise...I was selected as one of the 5 winners to attend it!! I could bring 1 more person to attend and since my bro is so excited about being let him accompany me here lo!!

I was supposed to reach the hotel by 10.30pm but...we left bukit jalil at 10.15...ran all the way to the LRT station..mana tau missed the station so had to run back...tiring ler!! We rushed all the way and reach at 11pm...guess wat...we were still earlier than others!! Waste our energy lo! Waited bout 45 minutes before LeeHom finally arrived!!

We managed to see him nearer in person and took some 'blur' photos again...=.= It was a buffet(supper at 12am!) But our main focus was on LeeHom... Waited till 1 something to finally have a group photo with him! I still haven't received the photo yet..will post it up once i've got it! :D

At Diamond Ballroom,Mandarin Oriental Hotel

LeeHom 'Heroes Of Earth' Concert 2007

March 4, 7.30pm, Bukit Jalil National Stadium
Yeah...!!!!! I'm at LeeHom's Concert!!! I've been looking forward to this concert..and finally...I'm here!! This is really a concert not to be missed!! If u missed it..oohhh...too bad..never mind..the DVD is worth it too...haha!!

Believe it or not, I managed to win 9 tickets worth RM353 earlier on and tatz why I'm much much more excited to be here!! (alamak..sounds boastful huh??)

Great songs...nice dance moves...using so many musical instruments...a blend of hip hop and chinese opera becoming a brand new chinked-out... Oh My...Such a spectacular performance by a gorgeous and talented singer... AMAZING!!!!

The best part of the show was when LeeHom and JJ, both playing grand piano singing 'Ni Bu Zai' & 'Jiang Nan'...WOW...never expected that these 2 songs could blend 2gether so well!! We were lucky to see the 2 of them crossing over for the very 1st time in Malaysia!!

We reached 'on-time' (5 minutes before the concert starts) but bro and me had to leave earlier...didn't watch the encore part...coz we had to rush to Mandarin Oriental Hotel for....the after concert celebration party (qing gong yan)...Hahahaha...Geng ler!!

Our seat was a bit senget so..hehe...we changed to the middle and it was much more clearer!!

See the moon there?? It was Chap Goh Meh..also Chinese Valentine Day...what a perfect moment for this concert!!

Too bad...had to leave earlier..took a photo before getting out! Snap lotsa photos but..haih...that sensitive camera...all came out blur...arghhh!!!

KL & Genting Trip With My Buddies

March 1-4
Once again.. After almost exactly one year.. We're back at this same old place!! Itz kinda unbelievable that time passes by soooo fast!!
The last time...6 of us travelled 2gether for the 1st time and it was really an enjoyable trip!! But this time..itz only the 4 of us...cos... Anyway, it was still a fun,memorable and wonderful trip!!
Glad to spend such a wonderful time with YanYi, Yun Wan & Pei Zhi!! Thanx ya all...Muakss..
Since I've won extra tickets for LeeHom's concert... so just asked 3 of them to stay back 1 more day in KL...treat them to watch this amazing concert!!
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