Sunday, March 11, 2007

KL & Genting Trip With My Buddies

March 1-4
Once again.. After almost exactly one year.. We're back at this same old place!! Itz kinda unbelievable that time passes by soooo fast!!
The last time...6 of us travelled 2gether for the 1st time and it was really an enjoyable trip!! But this time..itz only the 4 of us...cos... Anyway, it was still a fun,memorable and wonderful trip!!
Glad to spend such a wonderful time with YanYi, Yun Wan & Pei Zhi!! Thanx ya all...Muakss..
Since I've won extra tickets for LeeHom's concert... so just asked 3 of them to stay back 1 more day in KL...treat them to watch this amazing concert!!
1 year ago....

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